Joy Behar Rants Gun Control Would Pass On The Off Chance That Black Americans Were Buying Guns — Millions Already Have

During Wednesday’s broadcasting of ABC’s The View, Joy Behar vented her dissatisfaction over an absence of weapon control by proposing firearm regulations will change when people of color get firearms.

The Wrap reports that have Lindsey Granger, a weapon owner, recounted the tale of a Connecticut man who constructed his AR-15 to shield his family after a local home intrusion.

Granger utilized the man’s guide to contend that possessing an AR-15 doesn’t mean somebody is insane.

She said, he is a Black man; it’s odd. Most AR-15 proprietors are previous military, 35+, and married. I’m simply trying to say that they’re not insane people.

Behar snapped by saying, stop and think for a minute; when Black people get weapons in this country, the firearm regulations will change. Believe me.

On August 4, 2020, amid the extraordinary gun purchasing blast that followed insight about Covid and COVID lockdowns and resulting social agitation, it has been noted that National Shooting Sports Foundation numbers showing weapon buys by ladies and dark Americans were up 59% more than in 2019.

By April 5, 2021, it called attention that weapon possession among black Americans was up almost 60%. The Guardian put the specific figure at 58.2 percent.

On July 1, 2021, it has been revealed that a New York Times article making sense that new gun purchasers were more outlandish to be male and white.

The Times put together their segment concerning 2020 firearm buys, noting that approximately one-fifth of all gun buyers during 2020 were first-time purchasers. Of those first-time purchasers, half were ladies, a fifth were Black, and a fifth were Hispanic.