Biden Suggests ‘Zelensky Didn’t Want to Hear It’ When He Warned Russia Would Invade

LOS ANGELES (AP) – President Joe Biden, addressing contributors at a Democratic pledge drive, said Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky didn’t have any desire to hear it when U.S. insight assembled data that Russia was getting ready to attack.

The comments came as Biden discussed his work to mobilize and set help for Ukraine as the conflict continues into its fourth month.

In no way like this has occurred since World War II. I realize many individuals thought I was perhaps overstating. Yet, I realized we had information to support the Russian president Vladimir Putin planned to go in, off the boundary.

There was no question, Biden said. What’s more, Zelensky would have rather not heard it.

Even though Zelensky has motivated individuals with his initiative during the conflict, his groundwork for the intrusion — or deficiency in that department — has stayed a dubious issue.

A long time before the conflict started on Feb. 24, Zelensky openly shuddered as Biden organization authorities more than once cautioned that a Russian intrusion was almost inevitable.

At that point, Zelensky was likewise worried that the drumbeat of war was agitating Ukraine’s delicate economy.