Amarillo Mayor Signs Letter Asking for More Gun Control

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Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson signed a letter to Gov. Greg Abbott (R) requesting more gun control last week while the country was caught up with Supreme Court decisions.

Amarillo, situated in the Texas Panhandle, is where cowboys still wonder, where farmers carrying handguns on the side of their hips and rifles in their trucks drive across level land to break the ice before dawn steers so cattle can have water to drink.

It is presently likewise a city attached to the most recent in-state gun control push using Mayor Nelson.

Texas Tribune journalist, Joshua Fechter stated the gun controls sought for by the mayors who signed the letter to Abbott. Those controls incorporate widespread individual verifications, warning regulations, and raising the age to purchase an “assault weapon” to 21.

California has a warning regulation. They likewise have widespread record verifications and a minimum purchase age of 21 for semi-automatic rifles. That said, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit managed the ground buy age illegal on May 11, 2022, yet the law had been on the books in California for a long time.

Notwithstanding these and other gun controls, California was the top state for “active shooter incidents” in 2021.

Three Democrat Mayors were likewise signatories with Nelson. They are Steve Adler (D-Austin), as well as Eric Johnson (D-Dallas), and Sylvester Turner (D-Houston).

Different signatories included Ron Nirenberg (I-San Antonio) and Mattie Parker (R-Ft. Worth).

Amarillo City Councilman Cole Stanley remains against Mayor Nelson’s gun control push.

ABC 7 Amarillo distributed a letter Stanley delivered, which says to some degree: because of Mayor Ginger Nelson’s help of the open letter to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in regards to gun control, I am expressing freely that as a chosen delegate of the residents of Amarillo, TX, the Mayor doesn’t represent me nor does she address my perspectives regarding this matter.

Stanley added, our undeniable privileges will not be encroached upon by weak strategies that confine reputable residents’ opportunities and never really safeguard the most guiltless individuals in our general public.