Biden Campaign Surrogate, Jerry Harris Has Been Sentenced to 12 Years for Child Pornography

Netflix’s Cheer star and former Joe Biden presidential campaign surrogate Jerry Harris was condemned to 12 years in government jail in his child pornography case.

Harris will likewise be expected to enroll as a sex offender forever and pay a $55,000 fine, as indicated by a report by WIVB 4, which added that the former Netflix star is confronting eight years of supervised release after his jail term.

Harris held an Instagram talk with Joe Biden only a short time before he turned into the focal point of an FBI examination concerning sex solicitation.

In 2020, Harris was arrested on the production of child pornography charges after being blamed for requesting sex from minors and constraining 14-year-old young men to send him phonographic photographs and recordings.

An oath further expressed that one of the underage children revealed having “one in-person encounter” with Harris and that the Netflix star “requested oral sex” with the minor “in a washroom at a cheerleading occasion.”

In February, the former Cheer star conceded in an arrangement to one count of receipt of child  pornography and one more of going with the aim to participate in the illegal sexual lead.

At that point, that’s what examiners said; assuming that the case had gone to preliminary, their proof would show that in the mid-year of 2020, Harris spoke with a minor — whom he knew was younger than 18 — through Snapchat, where he over and over requested photographs of a sexual conduct.

Concerning the subsequent charge, Harris had gone from Dallas, Texas, to Orlando, Florida, in May 2019 expecting to participate in sexual conduct with a 15-year-old, whom he requested to meet in a public restroom.

Recently, Harris’ defense team let Nexstar’s WGN know that the criminal conduct “took place in the context of a competitive Cheer Community where improperly sexualizing and sexually abusing children was prevalent indeed and time and again disregarded.”

“Jerry was also taken advantage of, controlled, and sexually abused as a kid inside the Cheer Community such that caused him to accept that this sexual conduct was some way or another normal when it was not,” the defense team added.