DeSantis Sends 2 Planes of Illegal Migrants to Uber Rich Martha’s Vineyard

In the most affluent part of Massachusetts, Martha’s Vineyard, at least two planeloads of illegal immigrants landed. DeSantis allowed two aircraft full of migrants to fly to Massachusetts Island.

However, there are reports that a plane carrying migrants from Texas also arrived on the uber-rich island. According to Senator Julian Cyr, one of the aircraft took off from San Antonio, Texas, and was part of a strategy to reroute migrants away from border states. Some refugees’ interviews corroborated that they crossed the border in Texas. There has been no confirmation from the Texas Governor that he has sent illegal immigrants to the island.

Today’s events have reportedly caused widespread bewilderment, as reported by My Times. Representative Dylan Fernandes (D-Falmouth) said that they are unclear who sent them and if it was the work of one Governor or multiple Southern Governors.

It is a known fact that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been very vocal about bringing the border crisis to Democratic states that support the open border policy of the Biden administration. Abbott has been busing migrants to cities like New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.

A “company” that arranged the flights gave each passenger a mobile phone before taking off. After exiting the plane, migrants were able to use the phones’ translation programs.

Fernandes came to the island Wednesday night and went to the church to see what was happening. According to Fernandes, at least one Republican governor authorized the use of private planes to transport illegal immigrants from the southern United States to Martha’s Vineyard. According to Fernandes, these Governors only care about scoring political points with Tucker Carlson and Fox News.

According to the Vineyard Gazette, an aircraft carrying 48 migrants from Venezuela and Colombia landed on Wednesday afternoon. Some migrants, according to interviews, said they crossed through ten countries before arriving in Texas. After a four-day stay in the Lone Star State, they caught a flight to the northern island.

Meanwhile, it has been established that two planes carrying illegal immigrants were flown out of Florida and landed on the island. On Wednesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis fulfilled a campaign promise to transport illegal immigrants to progressive states by bringing two aircraft full of migrants to the island of Martha’s Vineyard.

Taryn Fenske, the governor’s director of communications, confirmed that the state had sent two aircraft full of illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard as part of Florida’s relocation program to transfer illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities.

According to Fenske, states like Massachusetts, New York, and California can better facilitate the care of these persons. She said that by designating themselves as “sanctuary states” and backing the Biden Administration’s open border policy, these cities had effectively welcomed illegal migrants into our country. She said that the treatment offered by these states would make it easier for these people to remain in the United States.

DeSantis, a Republican, has proposed that migrants go to either Delaware or Martha’s Vineyard. However, at the time, his office indicated they might be transported to other “progressive” states whose governors endorse open defiance of federal immigration law. In a statement published earlier in the year, the governor’s office stated that: in Florida, we disapproved of Biden’s open-borders policy. Floridians should not be expected to foot the bill for illegal immigrants living there.

Representatives from the island’s emergency management agency and the island’s top leaders met to discuss the situation. Water bottles and fruit cups were distributed to the migrants after moving from Martha’s Vineyard Community Services to the cafeteria at Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School.

Sheryl Taylor and Leah Palmer worked together to organize the high school cafeteria’s interpreters. Edgartown Fire Chief Alex Shaeffer announced at a Zoom emergency meeting that the town would be responsible for providing overnight accommodations for the migrants. After that, buses took the refugees to St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Edgartown.

Representative Bill Keating phoned Homeland Security, and Senator Cyr reported that Governor Charlie Baker had engaged state emergency management capabilities.

Senator Cyr compared the initiative to the 1960s’ “reverse freedom rides,” arguing that both manipulated families looking for a better life. It’s not fair for anyone to take advantage of these families’ precarious situations for a cheap “gotcha.”

These Democratic strongholds have been eager to accuse Republican border states of playing politics with the migrants. The irony is that Biden’s administration brought a loaded aircraft of illegal immigrants to Florida in November of 2021, but no one seems to remember that.

Republicans in Arizona, Florida, and Texas are transporting only a tiny fraction of what their state receives in illegal border crossing. They’re upset, so they’re declaring emergencies to get more money. They are saying that they can’t deal with a couple of hundred migrants. Imagine if they were forced to cope with thousands of illegal immigrants in their cities every day, bet their view of an open border would change.