GOP Success In Florida Can Be An Example For 2024

How did the GOP achieve such success in Florida? What were their differences? Rep. Carlos Giménez, R-Florida, spoke on “Sunday Night in America” to highlight Florida’s transformation into a solidly red state following the midterm elections. The state has become so Republican that the Democrats have written off the state. They poured a minimum amount of money into their candidates. Democratic sponsors called the state a lost cause.

Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., won his second term with what many viewed as a historic victory; numerous Republican candidates, including Giménez, won elections in districts traditionally viewed as left-leaning or less conservative. In contrast to other national campaigns, Giménez attributed these successes to the state party’s selection of the best candidates in the correct places.

Giménez stated that he believed they had qualified applicants. In certain instances, square pegs are inserted into circular holes. Here, we have the appropriate candidates in the appropriate districts, and they understand how to communicate with the residents and belong to the community. Additionally, the Republicans now have a strong infrastructure here, Giménez remarked.

He said that Florida’s election process was “carried out correctly,” providing Republicans with a clear route to victory. Giménez stated that his party understands how to conduct elections in Florida. In Florida, elections are managed in a certain manner and are proficient. The Republicans in Florida were not completely outclassed by mail-in and early ballots, nor were they crushed by Democrats in early voting and on election day. According to Giménez, they were also close in absentee voting. When all of these variables are considered, you have a solid organization. Because of this, clocks in Florida have been reset, Giménez remarked.

He said, “We are proud of the organization” and even more proud of the message. He added that they had a formidable ticket with an outstanding governor and Marco Rubio as the senator. Here, everything worked out beautifully, he added.

Giménez also claimed that addressing the concerns of Floridians facilitated voter outreach. When discussing immigration,  lawful immigration was mentioned. Adding that, they support immigration, but not illegal immigration. The unrest occurring at the border right now is not to their liking. Giménez said that as part of his campaign, he emphasized the need to resolve the disarray at the southern border. He also stated that inflation must be addressed. The cost of gasoline is rising, and something must be done about it. These were the messages they received, Giménez stated

Concerning abortion, he stated that he supports the [Dobbs] verdict, and he supports state sovereignty. However, He does not support the Democratic viewpoint that supports abortion at the time of birth, which is an extreme viewpoint.

Giménez concluded that Republicans must finally unite to oppose the Democratic agenda to win in 2024, despite reports of disagreement over the next Speaker of the House in the event Republicans won a majority.

Republicans need to band together. The enemy is not ourselves. The enemy is President Biden and his government. The opponents are the Democrats and their illogical ideas. According to Giménez, this is who we should concentrate on, not one another.

He said the Republican party has two years to determine a solution. The good people of the Republican Party will determine their nominee, and then if we want the next President to be a Republican, we must all unite against that candidate. Giménez added he does not believe that our country could withstand another four years of Joe Biden or whoever succeeds him as Democrat Party president. He said that we must rescue our country, and the President must be a Republican.