Kari Lake Says Whistleblowers Are Now Coming Forward

In response to claims of election-day problems in Maricopa County, Republican candidate for governor Kari Lake provided an update on Monday, stating that her attorneys are attempting to acquire additional evidence and “whistleblowers are coming forward” in response to claims of election-day problems in Maricopa County.

Attorneys are actively gathering evidence, said Lake, a former local TV anchor endorsed by former President Donald Trump. Informants are coming forward, and the curtain is being drawn back. Whether done by accident or on purpose. This election was a catastrophe that undermined all confidence in our electoral process.

According to Lake, authorities in Maricopa County are “still counting ballots” after printing issues, tabulation mistakes, three-hour-long queues, and much longer and more unclear instructions from election officials made this election day the most chaotic in Arizona’s history.

Lake has been releasing recordings of people talking about their Election Day experiences on her Twitter feed for many days. Maricopa County, Arizona’s most populous county, denied Republican voters the right to vote.

On November 8, officials in Maricopa County reported issues with vote-tabulation devices and advised voters to place their votes in ballot drop boxes. In an interview later that day, Bill Gates, chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, and Stephen Richer, county recorder, explained that the problem was caused by a printer fault.


The office of Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich wrote a letter to Maricopa County over the weekend inquiring about the potential voting irregularities. According to the document, hundreds of complaints have been received concerning how the election was run during the in-person voting phase.

These allegations go beyond mere conjecture, as they contain first-hand witness statements that raise questions about Maricopa’s legal compliance with Arizona election law, the letter stated, requesting a response by November 28. In an interview with local media, Gates indicated that his administration would cooperate.

Monday, he told KTAR that they are still analyzing this with our counsel, and he has nothing else to say at this time, but they will before the canvass.

According to Gates, on November 8, over 70 of the county’s 223 polling places experienced issues. He noted that technicians had resolved the issue by the same afternoon.

According to the letter, Maricopa must give a “comprehensive report” on the many difficulties that occurred during Maricopa County’s administration of the 2022 General Election.

Hobbs Announces Victory

Arizona secretary of state Katie Hobbs, who is also the state’s chief election officer, declared victory last week. According to her video, Lake has not conceded, and it does not look like she will do so shortly.

Arizonans who choose to exercise their right to vote in person on election day should not be disenfranchised or penalized, Lake said Monday. However, Lake stated that she wants everyone to know they were penalized in Arizona. She stated that she would continue to battle until trust and faith in our elections were restored.

In response to the attorney general’s recent letter to Maricopa County, Lake told the Daily Mail on Sunday that she is confident: She will become governor, and we will restore the integrity of our elections.

In response to the attorney general’s recent letter to Maricopa County, Lake told the Daily Mail on Sunday that she is confident: “I will become governor,” and we will restore the integrity of our elections.

Last week, a representative for Hobbs’s office told local media that she is developing a transition team. Hobbs has yet to provide many public answers to Lake’s latest assertions.

Mike Haener, a spokesperson for Hobbs, told local media that their mission is to identify folks who, whether Democrats, independents, or Republicans, reflect the variety of Arizona and can assist the administration in confronting some of the difficulties it will face.

Upon announcing her victory, Hobbs highlighted that Lake had not yet conceded the election.

Last night, our campaign was officially called (by media outlets), and she is proud to stand before you as governor-elect, Hobbs said during an event in Phoenix last week. It’s been a long and a half-year. In contrast, Arizonans chose problem-solving over conspiracy theories in this election.