EU Accuses The White House Of Making A Fortune On The War In Ukraine

A series of supposed remarks from European officials indicates a broader perspective. If this is the case, a rift may be forming between the Biden administration and its European allies over America’s actions during the Ukraine conflict.

The story, which relies heavily on unnamed individuals, portrays European leaders as furious that the United States is becoming stronger as Europe confronts a harsh winter of fuel shortages and that U.S. subsidies for green businesses have become a subject of conflict.

An alleged “senior official” told Politico the United States is benefiting the most from this conflict by selling more gas at a higher price and producing more weapons.

“We are really at a historic juncture,” said the senior EU official, warning that the combined whammy of trade disruption caused by U.S. subsidies and high oil costs threatens to turn public opinion against the war effort and the transatlantic relationship. The United States must recognize that public opinion is moving in the wrong direction in several EU nations.

One person identified by Politico as a senior official from a European capital stated that some Europeans believe the replacement of American-made weaponry shared with Ukraine will take years and generate millions of dollars for American military corporations.

Another person identified by Politico as an “EU official”  stated that the U.S. and its subsidies need to be aware that high energy prices could turn public opinion against the war effort and the transatlantic alliance. Especially if trade disruptions and high energy prices continue, according to a senior EU official, a discount on gas exported to Europe might help influence public opinion.

Josep Borrell, the senior diplomat of the European Union, stated that the Biden administration should consider the expenses imposed on friends.

He stated that Americans make decisions that affect European economies.

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and his energy war against Europe are the sole reason for the spike in gas prices in Europe, a National Security Council spokesperson stated, adding that liquefied natural gas shipments to Europe rose considerably and allowed Europe to diversify away from Russia.

European issues are the main sticking point for Europeans. David Kleimann of the Bruegel think tank stated the Europeans are visibly dissatisfied with the absence of prior knowledge and consultation. The Europeans believe that America lacks awareness when it comes to European problems. Europe is feared to be negatively affected by the Inflation Reduction Act’s $369 billion for subsidies for green sectors.

The Inflation Reduction Act has altered everything, another “EU diplomat” stated. The diplomat questioned if  Washington was still an ally or not.

In an opinion piece for Bloomberg, Hal Brands writes that the war has been a strategic boon for the United States. The Russian military is being decimated, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is increasing and bolstering its defensive capabilities. China faces heightened opposition in the Western Pacific as Japan, Taiwan, and Australia accelerate their military preparations. European nations who now see the disadvantages of dependency on a repressive autocrat are reevaluating their ties with Beijing.

Yet key officials question whether the United States has already reaped all the benefits the Ukraine war has to offer, he wrote, adding, A long war that reveals how pitifully inadequate the United States defense industrial base has become could force the country to undertake a serious rearmament effort.

Ulrich Speck, a German foreign policy specialist, stated that allies are supplying Ukraine with “just enough” armament to live but not enough to retake territory. The concept seems to be that Russia should neither win nor lose. What countries send and how slowly they send it reveals a great deal about the war objectives of Western nations. He warned that this is even more crucial now since Ukraine’s reliance on NATO’s armaments has increased.