Your Tax Dollars Are Helping Illegal Migrants Cross The Border

The governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has asked the state’s attorney general to launch an inquiry into nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that assist illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican border. In a letter made public on December 15, Abbott, a Republican, informed Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton that the number of illegal immigrants crossing the Texas–Mexico border had reached an all-time high. Approximately 2,600 illegal aliens crossed the border near El Paso and unlawfully entered Texas last Sunday, and these figures are anticipated to rise over the next few weeks.

President Donald Trump issued a public health emergency order under Title 42 to stop the spread of COVID-19 across the southern border, which allows immigration agents to return immigrants to Mexico. At the same time, their cases are being processed, including asylum claims. Earlier this year, a federal judge ordered the order to be stopped on December 21.

However, as the situation on the ground continues to evolve, Texas must maintain vigilance as they respond to this catastrophe. Recent indications show that nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) may have helped facilitate illegal border crossings near El Paso, Abbott told Paxton.

They also understand that NGOs may be illegally coordinating other border crossings through activity on both sides of the border, including in regions other than El Paso. In light of these revelations, Abbott requests that the Texas Attorney General’s Office investigate the involvement of nongovernmental organizations in organizing and supporting the unlawful movement of illegal immigrants across our borders.

As part of the Heritage Foundation Oversight Project, Abbott sent Paxton the results of an analysis of more than 30,000 anonymous cell devices used by illegal immigrants when they entered the United States and received resettlement services and care from nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).

According to Mike Howell, head of the Oversight Project at the conservative nonprofit Heritage, the devices were tracked to virtually all congressional districts in the United States. There is now irrefutable evidence that NGOs are a partner of the Biden administration in aiding and maintaining this unprecedented border catastrophe.

According to Howell, what’s most disgraceful is that these NGOs are not only using public funds to finish the link in the drug cartels’ people smuggling operation but are also using donations from Americans who have no idea their money is being utilized for this purpose. Howell added that the NGOs are working hand-in-hand with open-borders proponents in the Biden administration to relocate untold numbers of illegal aliens around the country every month, gladly supporting the left’s aim of altering the American electorate and their political goals.

These organizations have no right to engage in such conduct and should be investigated, held liable, and defunded. There is no doubt that the Oversight Project is just beginning to show how these organizations perpetuate this historic border crisis, fueling the cartels’ business model and encouraging millions of people to suffer, die, and endure misery. The Oversight Project is ready and eager to work with Texas law authorities to share information about their findings.

Hundreds of NGOs support immigrants into the United States in various ways. When illegal aliens are implicated, many federal laws may be violated. Amnesty International USA, Catholic Charities USA, Doctors Without Borders, Human Rights Watch, U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, and Refugee Council USA are among these NGOs, according to the state of California.

Many of these NGOs get substantial governmental funds, some of which may be utilized to provide care and services to immigrants. However, tracing such funds to particular immigration shelters is not a simple task.

A search on, the official website that provides access to information on approximately 70 percent of all federal spending, for tax dollars going to Catholic Charities, for example, in the form of contracts and grants, yielded more than 3,000 separate federal actions totaling $1.2 billion.

Two hundred ten federal actions valued at roughly 260 million dollars occurred in Texas. More than $256 million was earmarked for “Refugee and Entrant Assistance” initiatives.