Donald Trump’s Energy Plan Revealed

In his newest campaign commercial, former President Donald Trump outlined his plan for “reclaiming American energy dominance” and building the “power plants, pipelines, grids, ports, refineries, and shipping terminals of tomorrow.”

Donald Trump has promised to restore a pro-American energy policy at long last if elected. He has also detailed his plan to deregulate the energy sector, withdraw from the Paris Climate Accords, and “rapidly” approve projects that will reduce prices and create jobs in the domestic energy sector.

Trump stated that he would send out a team of “warrior lawyers” to scour the federal registry for any red tape in the way of domestic manufacturing and get it taken off the books. Under his presidency, the U.S. will again detach itself from the Paris Climate Accords and move swiftly to greenlight all deserving energy infrastructure projects, focusing on maximizing efficiency to bring down costs as soon as possible. According to Trump, his team will hire thousands of Americans to construct the infrastructure of the future, including power plants, pipelines, grids, ports, refineries, and shipping terminals of the future.

Trump stated that he has a vision that will enable younger Americans to find meaning in work again, adding that investing in the young was investing in building the backbone of America. One that is powerful, prosperous, productive, vigorous, modern, and independent. Trump emphasized the importance of young people as central to the plan’s success.

Later, he elaborated, saying that no one has more liquid gold than the United States. Trump stated that the country should profit from it and that it could make the U.S. rich again, happy again, and proud again.

Trump compared President Joe Biden’s energy policy to “a massive tax hike on everything” for the consumer. Stating that Biden abandoned the Keystone XL project and re-entered the disastrous Paris Climate Accords, both of which were beneficial to other countries but disastrous for the United States. In addition to obstructing the development of fresh oil, gas, and coal reserves, he also obstructed many other industries. Biden’s anti-American assault on energy amounts to a significant increase in taxes across the board. Everything costs go up as energy prices go up, including groceries, raw materials, transportation, building supplies, and finished goods.

According to the 45th President, China is the biggest winner from the “radical” green energy plans of the Biden administration. The United States’ heavy industry is being driven overseas because of the high energy prices. Trump stated that the U.S.’s high energy cost was a boon to China. To become a highly developed industrial nation, you must have access to cheap energy. There is no way to build a prosperous society without it, and if you want to deindustrialize the United States, as Joe Biden seems to have done (whether intentionally or not is unclear). According to Trump, this is why China has embraced the energy goals of President Biden. Because of this, China will sign any meaningless globalist climate accord, only to break it the second it takes effect. Trump stated that China was unreliable and could not be counted on to keep its word.

An October 2020 article by Forbes contributor Robert Rapier and a graph from the U.S. Energy Information Administration show that, for the first time since the 1950s, the United States began producing more energy than it was using. This occurred while Donald Trump was president.

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