Biden Administration Needs A Crash Course On How To Play Space Invaders

You should be very concerned about the recent events that happened in the U.S. this week. Three or more objects have entered U.S. airspace. Under the Biden Administration, one was lost or evaded the U.S. military, and two of them were allowed to travel, one to Canada and one to the East Coast. At least three of the objects travel through some point in Alaska. China has only acknowledged the first one. The other two objects that were shot down are different than the one China has openly acknowledged.

According to reports, a second object was shot down by the military on Friday at 1:45 p.m. EST on Joe Biden’s instructions. This followed the previous week’s intrusion of the Chinese surveillance balloon. The Biden administration let the spy balloon enter the nation and traverse it while hovering over military sites until it was shot down over the Atlantic Ocean near the Carolinas.

However, the military has been unable to determine what the second item was and who was behind it.

According to a “top U.S. official,” a new, troubling finding shows that whatever the item was reached our airspace before it was identified.

Thursday night, U.S. authorities detected it above Alaska, not far from the northern shore, according to an anonymous official.

According to the Biden team, it was detected by ground radar. However, they did not confess that it had already violated our airspace by that point. In addition, it was not destroyed until Friday, when Joe Biden issued the order.

It is disturbing because it demonstrates that the U.S. has a significant vulnerability and that the Biden team continues to mislead the nation. Why weren’t these objects discovered and intercepted before they entered U.S. airspace? It might have created a significant problem if this had been a weapon. Again, the evaluation and response appear delayed, especially if the object is a weapon.

The Biden team provides no other information regarding the item. The most they have disclosed about it thus far is that it was the size of a “small car,” it did not have a payload as large as the Chinese surveillance balloon, that it was “grayish silver” and cylindrical, and that it lacked a motor system. John Kirby, the National Security Council’s strategic communications coordinator, said they do not know who owns it; they do not know if it is state-owned, corporate-owned, or privately owned.

When contacted for further details, a Department of Defense spokeswoman told The New York Post they had no further information.

Former acting Secretary of Defense under Trump, Chris Miller, mocked Biden’s response and their lack of knowledge regarding exactly what they shot down. Miller stated to Fox News incredulously, “We don’t know if it’s a Chinese balloon” or simply a child. Miller noted that if you were a writer for Saturday Night Live, the Biden administration would have provided enough content for the next three weeks.

According to the description provided by Canadian officials, the item seen by NORAD above Canada and shot down over the Yukon closely resembled the object taken down over Alaska this Friday.

The Canadian object was smaller than the surveillance balloon shot down by the U.S. military last week, according to the official. Several pilots said that the object interfered with their sensors, and they could not determine how it was flying or what its propulsion system was.

Additionally, it appears to have infiltrated Canadian territory before being destroyed. NORAD reports that the object above Canada was not noticed until late Friday night over Alaska after it had already entered U.S. airspace.

It did not stop there; NORAD and the U.S. Northern Command issued a statement late on Saturday night in reference to an unidentified object that was identified over Montana, saying fighter jets had not been able to locate it.

An FAA notice was sent to airmen late Saturday night warning that the area in the northern part of Montana was designated “national defense airspace” and that anyone entering that area would be intercepted. The U.S. military was unable to locate the unidentified object that had caused the situation.

If you live in North America, you should be concerned. If it arrived Friday night, why was it not identified and/or destroyed until Saturday? Why was the third object not detected earlier? This is becoming very disturbing. China has only admitted to the initial one, but the fact that two more objects appeared via Alaska is alarming, as well as the fact that another one may have evaded the military.

Hopefully, the government doesn’t think they’re filming an episode of Ancient Aliens. If China or someone else is behind this, they must find out what’s going on and step up their game. The U.S. needs to figure this out fast, especially given that the war in Ukraine seems to be escalating, and this could be a test designed for foreign countries to gather intel on how fast the military responds to danger.

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