Why Are Pete Buttigieg And The Eco-Friendly Hippies Doing Nothing?

Precisely what seems like the end of the world has descended upon a little village in Ohio. All the commotion about Chinese espionage efforts violating US airspace has, maybe on purpose, diverted attention away from what is rapidly becoming one of the biggest environmental disasters in recent memory.

Around five thousand people live in East Palestine, Ohio, close to Pennsylvania’s border. The commotion began early last week when a train carrying more than a hundred cars derailed. Fifty of the hundred freight vehicles were hurled from the rails in the disaster. The train included twenty freight cars, 10 of which were detailed, transporting dangerous hazardous materials. Not a single person was killed in the collision, but five of the ten vehicles carried vinyl chloride, a highly flammable carcinogenic chemical.

To address the volatile situation around the crash site, the Ohio Emergency Management Agency decided to execute a plan to vent the toxic gas with a controlled burn to avoid an uncontrolled explosion that could have caused catastrophic damage. According to Gov. Mike DeWine, the reason for implementing the plan was the possibility of a catastrophic tanker failure causing an explosion with deadly shrapnel traveling up to a mile.

Flames from the controlled burn raged on for days, and large plumes of smoke containing vinyl chloride, phosgene, hydrogen chloride, and other gases were released into the atmosphere.Gases like phosgene are highly toxic and can cause vomiting and respiratory issues. The toxicity of phosgene gas is so potent that it was previously used as a chemical weapon during the First World War. People in Palestine, Ohio, have seen rainbow rivers and dead fish floating on the surface. Foxes and dogs are gasping for breath and dying in droves. 

When it comes to the probable environmental calamity near East Palestine, Ohio, the liberal media and the razor-dodging eco-doomsters are strangely silent. If that wasn’t enough, trains are careening off the rails all around the country. 

In a Nutshell:

  • In the East Palestine incident on February 3rd, eleven carriages were carrying potentially lethal chemicals.
  • On Monday, a truck derailed after colliding with a railway near Slendora, Texas, spilling around 100 gallons of diesel fuel and killing the truck driver.
  • On the same day, in the South Carolina town of Enoree, you may see a strange railway derailment for which no apparent explanation can be found.

We’re up to three train derailments, including two in one day and one ten days after the devastating Ohio accident.

Pete Buttigieg, the Secretary of Transportation, appears more concerned about an excess of white construction workers instead of the impending ecological disaster threatening to contaminate the water supply in the area straddling Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The hairy, soap-avoiding, tree-hugging prairie fairies who fought against plastic straws because they harmed wildlife have also mysteriously disappeared from the scene of the disaster in Ohio, where animals are presumably dying from exposure to toxic gases. The Green Panthers can’t wait to replace our gas stoves and sirloins with beetle pie, but they’re sitting this one out as a real ecological calamity unfolds. There seems to be an issue.

It’s possible that the five million people living in the Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia areas don’t have clean drinking water because awakened leftists are too preoccupied with their quest to eliminate our access to anesthetics.

At a recent speaking engagement, Buttigieg avoided mentioning the Ohio disaster and cracked a “joke” about Chinese spy balloons collecting intelligence over North America.

At a recent event, Buttigieg said, “There has never been a more exciting time for transportation.” What we “got,” Pete, a major poisoning of the air and water in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, hurting millions of people and killing animals; at the same time, you joke about spy balloons, and your green-loving hippies keep quiet about a real ecological disaster.

It was not until February that Buttigieg tweeted about the incident. His tweet stated that he continued to be concerned about the impact of the train derailment near East Palestine, OH, and the effect it has had on families in the ten days since their lives were turned upside down. Wow, a little late, Pete. 

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