Eric Adams’ Sarcastic Tweet Backfires Brilliantly

The attempt by Democrat Mayor Eric Adams to criticize Republican Governor Ron DeSantis resulted in Adams making a huge fool of himself. DeSantis, a likely Republican presidential contender, traveled to New York City for a law enforcement-related event. Adams attempted to insult him with a crazy tweet but failed miserably, as he does at everything in New York City.

As Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams insulted Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Monday, conservatives retaliated.

DeSantis traveled to New York City to facilitate a debate “on preserving Law and Order” at the Privé in Staten Island. Adams greeted the governor with a frosty reception criticizing his education and immigration policies.

Adams tweeted, welcome to New York City, @GovRonDeSantis, where we do not ban books, discriminate against our LGBTQ+ neighbors, utilize asylum seekers as props, or allow the government to stand between a woman and her health care. Adams went on to say that they would be happy to teach DeSantis about values.

Remember that New York City is plagued with rats, criminals, thugs, exorbitant rent, awful traffic, and many other issues. This is the point where the fun begins! Right-wing Twitter users attacked Adams, and his ratio plummeted quicker than Bubba Wallace fleeing a NASCAR garage after thinking something was a noose. Certainly, members of DeSantis’ staff and other prominent conservatives promptly defended the Florida governor.

The governor’s press secretary, Bryan Griffin, tweeted based on Adams’ policies, it’s reasonable to believe he supports lawlessness and political agendas in the classroom. Based on migration statistics out of New York and into Florida, it is also reasonable to deduce that many individuals do not share Mayor Adams’ beliefs. Florida cherishes liberty, existence, and truth.

Christina Pushaw, the fast response director for DeSantis’ re-election campaign, tweeted, “And we are happy to teach you about this ratio.” Pushaw’s tweet received 2,269 likes at the time of publication compared to 3,754 for Adams’.

Since August, under the command of the Republican governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, hundreds of migrants have been bused to  New York City, causing a significant issue for Adams. The city has created several tents and shelters to host the refugees. Adams also began transporting people across the Canadian border via bus, attracting criticism from Quebec Premier Francois Legault’s office.

In September, DeSantis transported fifty migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, all of who consented, provoking opposition from leftist legislators.

Adams reiterated liberals’ accusations of DeSantis over the Parental Rights law in March, which had been mistakenly branded the “Don’t Say Gay” measure, and for rejecting an AP Black American history course that DeSantis said had elements of critical race theory (CRT).

In spite of Adam’s stance, DeSantis received a warm welcome on Staten Island, where he criticized New York’s crime policies. Talked about the catch and release program with no bail or consideration on if that person poses an additional threat.

This spring, Florida’s governor is expected to announce he will run for president. Lee Zeldin introduced him, whose own law-and-order platform put Kathy Hochul to the test in the governor’s race.

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