Joe Biden’s Policy Of America Last Was On Full Display In Ukraine

President Joseph Biden boarded Air Force One while former President Donald Trump and his campaign aides hurriedly prepared to send the 45th president, his personal staff, as well as, a security detail to East Palestine, Ohio, to meet with residents and community leaders. The American public was told that Biden was en route to Warsaw, Poland. Yet, unbeknownst to the American people, he ended up in war-torn Kyiv, Ukraine, for a photo op with President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Why did Biden go halfway across the world to a conflict zone? Was he transporting (yet another) consignment of American equipment and ammunition that our military can hardly afford to lose? Does his arrival signal a bold new peace attempt to bring Russia back to the table of negotiations? Nope, but there was an opportunity for photographs.

In common parlance, it was a “flex.” It was supposed to be an opportunity to show the U.S. and President Biden. The idea was enhanced when Biden is shown casually strolling with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as air-raid sirens scream in the Ukrainian capital. Mainstream news played up the drama. 

While the air sirens played in the background, he met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and said in Kyiv for approximately five hours during his visit. As part of a follow-up interview, Biden told of how much money and supplies the United States has sent to Zelenskyy and committed $500 million more.

It was later revealed that CNN admitted that air-raid sirens were turned on in Kyiv to achieve a full theatrical effect during President Joe Biden’s visit.

According to CNN’s senior national security correspondent Alex Marquardt, the sirens were off until the president arrived this week.

It was also reported that Russia was given 5 hours advance notice of Biden’s arrival in the war-torn country. The Kremlin has been criticized for being unable to prevent U.S. President Joe Biden from visiting the Ukrainian capital Kyiv by many pro-Russian military bloggers and journalists. Former FSB officer and Russian army veteran Igor Girkin said Biden could be taken to Bakhmut without harm. “Wouldn’t be surprised if the grandfather” makes it to Bakhmut “AND NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO HIM,” Girkin noted sarcastically.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) expressed disbelief at the insensitive trip. President’s Day was not spent in East Palestine, Ohio, by  President Biden. He traveled to Ukraine, a NON-NATO country whose leader is an actor and who is now reportedly directing the United States military into a global conflict. This President of the United States of America must be removed from office before it is too late.

The unplanned diversion occurred only one day after President Biden sparked a major uproar by publicly pledging billions more in taxpayer dollars to provide pensions and social support to Ukrainians so they have something in their pockets.

Donald Trump Jr. expressed the fury and amazement of millions of Americans when he said that when Americans are struggling at home, Joe Biden is considering whether we should cover the pensions of Ukrainian citizens. You literally cannot make up such nonsense.

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