Biden on Track For New Record: Fewest Press Conferences Held By A President

The badly governed policies of Old Joe Biden, specifically the misbegotten reign of Ron Klain and his handlers, will be remembered as one of the darkest periods in American history, characterized by encroaching federal authoritarianism, aggressive attacks on our national identity, and rapid political and economic decline. To top it off, Old Joe is on track to create a new modern record with the fewest press conferences held by a president of the United States.

David E. Clementson, A professor at the University of Georgia, stated in an article published by The Conversation on Monday that Biden didn’t hold his first press conference until late March 2021, nearly two months after his inauguration – the longest time a new president had not held one in history.

 It is almost as if the president’s advisors knew he couldn’t deal with the media in an unscripted setting and were preparing the administration’s signature staged Potemkin press conferences because of this. Perhaps that is the cause of the lengthy delay?

Certainly: Biden conducted ten news conferences during his first year in office. He has had just 21 in his two years as president, an average of just ten each year. In 34 years, no president has averaged so few news conferences. Nor were these anything like the rowdy and confrontational news conferences of the Trump era, when the America-First president faced his harshest opponents in the far-Left establishment media and answered their most difficult questions.

Biden’s first year in office, Old Joe presided over most news briefings by reading prepared statements and then leaving without accepting questions from reporters. When he does take questions, he tends to call exclusively on preselected reporters from — in his own words — “a list I’ve been given.”

In the haze of his dementia, Biden himself has repeatedly made evident what was ostensibly meant to keep hidden: that his press conferences are deceptive appearance, not genuine, and even remotely spontaneous conversations with actual journalists are not allowed. There are few genuine journalists in the room. Consequently, Biden remarked at a presser in Nov. 2021, “I can take” the question “I’m going to get in real trouble.

On September 8, 2021, Biden told a journalist that he was supposed to walk out of the room. He told a reporter on August 30, 2021, he was not supposed to answer questions but to go ahead. As the topic was his disastrous mismanagement of the U.S. departure from Afghanistan, he said he said he was not going to answer questions regarding Afghanistan and walked away. Afghanistan was not on the itinerary. On June 19, 2021, Biden told reporters he would answer their questions if they were on the provided list of individuals he could call on.

Even the White House’s sycophantic press corps has grown tired of the Biden Show. Clementson notes that in June 2022, a group of White House reporters formally complained about Biden’s inaccessibility, accusing him of practices antithetical to the concept of a free press and noting that every other president before Biden (including Trump) allowed full access to the same spaces. Wow! Even include the despised Trump. Those who think Trump to be the source and apex of all evil in the United States are now taking a serious shot.

But these journalists should not have been shocked that Biden’s press briefings have been against the notion of a free press. With its Disinformation Governance Board and coordination with Big Tech to stifle critics, it is evident that the Biden administration has no respect for the notion of a free press.

 Even with their frontman’s dementia, Biden’s managers’ hatred for dissent and growing authoritarianism explain why they often keep Old Joe under wraps and away from anyone who could ask him a difficult question. Now, not only may their government be remembered as a dumpster fire but also as the most secretive and insular administration in American history. The proletariat need not be aware of the situation; the only requirement is obedience.

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