Did The Biden Administration Violate Labor Laws With Its New Transgender Policy?

According to the union, the Biden administration violated labor laws with its new transgender policy. Members of the union wonder how many people were working on this when a basic disability determination takes six months.

A union representing Social Security Administration employees has asked that the Biden administration eliminate a new “pronoun policy” aimed at transgender personnel, claiming that it imposes political beliefs on members.

American Federation of Government Employees Local 2505 filed a Union-Management Grievance on Friday in response to an internal policy announcement on Wednesday titled “Policy on Prohibiting Discrimination, Including Harassment, Based on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, or Gender Expression,” or the Pronoun Policy as the agency knows it. The union, representing 600 low-level workers in Oklahoma and Arkansas, stated that the policy altered toilet access and the clothing code and generated a new form with the employee’s name, gender identification, and pronouns.

All of the adjustments violate Article 1, Section 2 because they altered the terms and circumstances of employment. In addition to breaching 5 USC 71, the Social Security Administration also violated Article 1, Section 2 by implementing these modifications without prior notification or the chance to negotiate.

Employees complained that the policy violated their rights to freedom of religion and expression by requiring them to use their preferred pronouns and creating a hostile work environment for those who disagree.

This new policy will have a chilling effect on them and forces them to concur with this political position notwithstanding their own personal political or religious convictions, the grievance stated.

Acting SSA Commissioner Kilolo Kijakazi communicated the policy to workers on March 1 under “Building an Equal and Inclusive Culture: Gender Identity.”  Advising about an email notification for a necessary course to assist in preparing for the policy’s full implementation on March 31, 2023. This training will expand awareness of utilizing pronouns and gender-neutral language and assist in helping coworkers and employees.

The 27-page policy specifies the words agender, bigender, cisgender, gender varied, genderfluid, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, nonbinary, and two-spirit and outlines the agency’s support for employees who seek to transition to one of these categories.

The agency recognizes that every transfer is unique and that some workers may choose none of these changes, all of these changes, part of these changes, or other modifications not included in these procedures, it states.

It contains a 19-part form to handle an employee’s gender transition and an email template for managers to announce an employee’s new gender.

It states that transgender workers are permitted to use the restroom of their choosing and that repeated purposeful misuse of an employee’s name or pronoun could result in disciplinary action.

During meetings, employees, managers, and supervisors can introduce themselves using the pronouns they use, which may lead others to reveal the pronouns they use. In addition, employees, managers, and supervisors should include their correct names, pronunciations, and pronouns in their email signatures.

Ralph Dejuliis, the local head of the union, reported that two employees had already requested a religious exemption. He told The Daily Wire that under Kijakazi, social justice programs diverted the agency’s attention from fundamental difficulties, preventing it from successfully helping poor Citizens.

According to Dejuliis, his personal beliefs are liberal and progressive, but he believes it is wrong to impose a certain political ideology through a government position. Everyone is forced to adopt a liberal social work stance, he stated. Adding that, he represents individuals in Oklahoma and Arkansas, fifty percent of concealed carry permit holders, and they lack awareness.

The policy labels those who dislike homosexuals and transgender people: as transphobic. Did you invent a unique moniker to demonize people? Why don’t you label them a sinner if they don’t attend your church?

The Social Security Administration’s spokesperson disregarded the local chapter’s complaint. Mark Hinkle stated that the charges made in this locally-filed grievance are false.