FL Senator Delivers Best Trolling ever; Calls On the State to Cancel the Democratic Party

One of the most fun aspects of contemporary politics is when conservatives engage in trolling left-wingers. Trolling often occurs on social media, but sometimes it also occurs in legislative bodies. The most recent incidence of conservative political trolling occurred in Florida, and it is so amazing that it may be the best case of political trolling ever.

State Sen. Blaise Ingoglia (R-11th district) filed SB 1248 on Tuesday, which is titled “The Ultimate Cancel Act” and would require the state of Florida, if certain conditions are met, to immediately cancel a political party’s filings, including requiring the division to follow a specified procedure; requiring the division to notify certain voters; and authorizing a canceled political party to reregister with the Department of State and requiring them to reregister as a political party.

Seems reasonable, right? Yet, this is before the fun begins. Bill 1248 would request that the state immediately revoke the files of a political party, including its registration and authorized status as a political party, if the party’s program has previously campaigned for or supported slavery or involuntary servitude.

Here is what this means:

Throughout the Civil War, Southern Democrats campaigned for slavery, as Orlando’s WESH so kindly reveals. Adding that many Northern Democrats also viewed slavery as enticing in that era. Obviously, it is a leap to imagine that the Ultimate Cancel Act has a snowball’s chance of passing in Florida. Yet, Ingoglia hopes to make a statement with the law.

According to Ingoglia, the leftist activists have been attempting to ‘cancel’ people and businesses for things they said or did in the past for years. This involves the removal of monuments and the renaming of structures and buildings. It would be hypocritical, by this criteria, not to cancel the Democratic Party for the same reason.

Democrats are outraged over this issue.

Former Florida Democratic state lawmaker Carlos Guillermo Smith stated that Republicans in Florida are so power-hungry that they are broadening their censorship agenda to include the abolition of the Florida Democratic Party. If Floridians are not worried by the Republican leadership in Tallahassee, they are not paying close enough attention. It’s funny that Guillermo Smith mentioned censorship when their party practically wrote the book on it (see the Twitter Files). 

Of course, the Florida Democratic Party had a lot to say: Disenfranchising 5 million voters is illegal and serious. Instead of addressing the problems that matter most to Floridians, such as property insurance reform, housing affordability, and climate change, Senator Ingoglia is using his office to push proposals that are nothing more than publicity stunts. There is a Democratic Republic in Florida, not a Banana Republic, and the sooner DeSantis and his puppets realize that, the better for all Floridians.

Look out for Schultz’s recent comment. She tweeted these radical fanatics cannot be serious. Schultz lacks a sense of humor, as evidenced by the fact that she is a member of a political party that promotes infanticide up until the moment of birth and that she labels others as “extreme.”

Ingoglia has signaled that his legislation proposal is not precisely serious.

In fact, his Twitter bio states, “If you’re looking for snark, you’ve found it.”

Although the idea of Ingoglia’s bill is enticing, no one believes it is a serious proposition. But it does demonstrate two things: first, a lack of humor on the part of the Democrats, and second, a lack of self-awareness that the true target of this Swiftian-level satire is canceled society in general.