Trump Promises To Reduce US Reliance On China In 4 Years

Trump, if elected, promises to halt all “essential” Chinese imports within four years and criticizes Biden’s ‘pro-China’ policy. The former and would-be-future president presented a new plan to reform the U.S. commercial relationship with Beijing on Monday as part of a wave of anti-China rhetoric sweeping through Washington in the aftermath of last month’s Chinese spy balloon incident.

According to a video posted on social media on Monday, former President Donald Trump pledged to halt all “essential” imports from China within four years if re-elected and criticized President Joe Biden’s “pro-China” agenda.

In a five-minute video broadcast on Twitter and Truth Social, the former president stated they would withdraw China’s most favored country trade status and enact a four-year plan to phase out all Chinese imports of key items, including electronics, steel, and pharmaceuticals.

Trump contends that his current plan would lower “taxes” on American manufacturers in order to remove the U.S. reliance on China entirely.

According to Trump, Joe Biden purports to favor American industry. Still, in reality, he promotes the same pro-China, globalist ideology that has taken the industrial heart out of this nation. Trump stated that it tore the country apart, along with Biden and the globalists advocating imposing taxes on American industry. Trump added that the Biden Administration embraces further burdensome restrictions, which kill American employment, favor soaring domestic energy prices, and enormous anti-American global deals that export this country’s wealth and industry.

Trump’s remarks resemble those of another Republican presidential contender for 2024, businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, who stated this past Saturday that the United States must “declare independence” from China. According to the United States Trade Representative, U.S. imports of goods and services from China totaled $450,4 billion in 2020, with electrical machinery accounting for $111 billion and machinery for $97 billion, resulting in a $310.3 billion trade imbalance.

Trump stated that they would also implement new laws to prevent U.S. corporations from investing heavily in China and to prevent China from buying up America, permitting all of these investments that benefit American interests. According to Trump, they will no longer permit evil things to occur in the United States and terminate government contracts awarded to companies outsourcing to China.

At the federal level, Republican Representatives Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Dan Newhouse of Washington have sponsored legislation to prevent the acquisition of farmland. Some states are exploring legislation to limit property purchases by certain Chinese people and businesses.

Trump stated that at the core of his vision is a comprehensive pro-American overhaul of U.S. tax and trade policies aimed at transitioning from the Biden system that punishes domestic producers while rewarding outsourcing to a new system that rewards domestic production and taxes foreign companies that export American jobs.

Trump’s imposition of tariffs on Chinese goods worth billions of dollars during his presidency remains in effect today. In the previous two years, the Biden administration has not taken any steps to reduce them.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), a likely presidential candidate in 2024, stated that tariffs are the only tool the U.S. has to defend the markets against their predatory tactics. Sen. Pete Ricketts (R-Nebraska) said he supported taxes on Chinese imports because China is already not meeting their duties under the prior trade deal.

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