DeSantis’ Press Secretary Has Great News For Democratic Left

Following a rally, a reporter contacted Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ staff seeking comment on his supposed book bans; Press Secretary Bryan Griffin responded with fantastic news for the left: “There are no books banned in Florida.”

Griffin tweeted an email sent by an Orlando reporter. The email shows that the reporter, Ashley, works on Orlando’s Channel 9. Ashley stated that she would be covering a gathering in Orlando where people would debate books that are prohibited in Florida. Specifically, they assert that this is part of Governor DeSantis’ anti-black, anti-immigrant, and anti-women agenda. Ashley wanted to know if DeSantis’ office wanted to comment. The reporter said that she had already received a lot of responses.

Fantastic news for them: “no books are banned in Florida.” Every adult may purchase any magazine, book, or publication they want. Because these folks now have a free evening, you can suggest they watch the news conference our office hosts. Griffin responded that they had refuted the ‘book ban hox” and are recommitting to the logical principles that pornography should be banned in classrooms and CRTs should not be used as teaching material.

This reporter’s inquiry follows DeSantis’ objection to young children being exposed to sexually explicit material with the apparent knowledge and approval of school administrators who appear to have no respect for the preferences of parents or the wellbeing of children in their care.

This past Wednesday, he opened a news conference by screening a disturbing video that displayed sexually explicit content found in 23 Florida school districts’ textbooks. Due to the nature of the video, many media sources broke away from the event titled “Exposing the Book Ban Hoax.”

The five-minute-long movie includes representations of adolescents engaged in sexual conduct that was so explicit that Twitter momentarily labeled segments as containing sensitive content.

The governor stated, “We believe in the rights of parents to be involved” in their children’s education and have therefore enacted legislation for a transparent curriculum so that parents know what books are being used in the classroom and what books their children have access to. With this in place, they have procedures where they can say, ‘Wait a minute’ – you know, some of the material you saw – ‘that is pornographic.” Why would they put it in a media center with students ten or under? DeSantis believes having those materials in the school library or classrooms is wrong.

DeSantis stated that when parents take their children to school, they should not worry about this trash being around. They should just be aware that their child will receive an excellent education.

He continued that parents don’t want the garbage, and the concept that it’s there is unsuitable for these young children. He asked the public how it is suitable to use public funds to include that.

In addition, the office of DeSantis revealed alarming content emanating from the numerous books on the shelves of Florida public school libraries as an example of the problem with the books in question.