Nancy Pelosi’s Attempts to Defend Biden Fails Miserably

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s remarks on President Joseph Biden’s age are being criticized on social media. On Monday, she sat down with Atlantic journalist Evan Smith to debate the future of democracy, claiming that Biden’s age was not an issue because he is younger than she is. Yes, she really said that.

Pelosi stated that he is a fantastic leader, and “he is younger than I am,” so she doesn’t see the issue. Of course, she wouldn’t see an issue. Biden is the perfect puppet president the Democrats always wanted. To bad that he can’t remember things. Who knows, maybe that’s a boom for them.

Twitter users quickly pointed out that this was not the rousing defense that Pelosi believed it to be and that her argument included multiple flaws. Secondly, there is the reality that Biden and Pelosi are roughly the same age. Pelosi is 82 years old, and Biden is 80, a negligible age difference; they are essentially the same age.

One Twitter user said that comparing Biden and Pelosi in terms of youth was setting the bar fairly low, as Pelosi herself appeared to be exhibiting symptoms of aging. Said Twitter used stated that someone must inform @SpeakerPelosi that this is NOT the winning argument she believes it to be. He further added that she appears somewhat damaged in appearance, speech, and mannerisms.

Another Twitter user went even further,  suggesting people watch the video without sound and tell him that she doesn’t appear insane.

The idea that Biden is younger than Pelosi is not very convincing at all especially considering the majority of Americans are younger than Pelosi.

But there is also the reality that it is not primarily Biden’s age that is the issue, although that is taken into account; instead, it is his mental health that raises the most concerns. 

The current criticism is not about his age but rather his seeming inability to complete a speech without making a succession of humiliating gaffes or his difficulties climbing the steps of Air Force One. Many people believe his cognitive skills have declined to a level that makes him unable to serve as president.

Pelosi’s assertion that Biden is competent because he is younger than her does not justify him. He continues to exhibit cognitive deterioration symptoms that must be treated. This is not intended as a jab at Biden or Pelosi’s ages but rather to highlight the fundamental hole in Pelosi’s logic in claiming that Biden is competent simply because he is younger than her.

This appears to be yet another poor effort by the Democrats to dispel worries about Biden’s mental health. This newest round of defense of Biden’s cognitive skills comes on the heels of Trump’s call that everyone running for office should take a cognitive test.