James Comer Suspects More Biden Family Business Ties to China

As a result of the House Oversight Committee’s findings that an acquaintance of Hunter Biden’s related to a Chinese corporation paid family members over $1 million, Rep. James Comer believes there are 11 more deals involving China and the Biden family.

Comer has stated that the committee needs to learn the specifics of the other 11 deals. Still, they expect to find evidence in the bank records indicating that President Joe Biden and his family members received millions of dollars from adversaries.

Comer said on Sunday that the committee knew there was a money trail, and now they’re following the money. He added that they’ve spoken to enough people involved in the shady business games worldwide. Everything subpoenaed thus far was accurate from the whistleblowers’ statements, and they have much more information.

For the first transaction, House Oversight produced a report indicating that Beau Biden’s widow Hallie Biden, with whom Hunter Biden had a romantic relationship, received $35,000 from accounts associated with Rob Walker, with $25,000 coming from a Chinese business. The report referred to Walker’s bank records that the committee had subpoenaed earlier this year.

According to the committee’s report, two months after Joe Biden left the White House as Vice President in 2017, the Chinese company State Energy HK Ltd moved $3 million to an account linked to Walker.

Walker allegedly transferred $20,000 to Hallie Biden’s account beginning on February 13, 2017; a further $25,000 was transferred on March 20, 2017. Around three months after the initial payments began, lawmakers wrote that the Biden family and their enterprises began receiving additional payments.

Comer said what the Bidens did in return for this money is unknown. The lawyer said it was a seed capital for business, but a company has yet to be found.

According to Comer, the committee has had discreet conversations with those close to the Biden family. They will likely disclose this information to the public at a deposition or a hearing before the House Oversight Committee.

Comer says the conversations between then Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and Chinese-linked associates while his father was in office are deeply troubling. They may have severe consequences for national security. As a result, House Oversight is investigating to see if the President has been compromised.

On Friday afternoon, President Biden publicly dismissed allegations that the White House had accepted funds tied to China. But, according to Comer’s analysis of bank data, the Biden family actively assisted China in navigating federal bureaucracy and related penalties.

According to the committee chairman, the White House has denied knowing anything about the committee chairman’s family’s ties to the CCP, but now there are bank records that show otherwise.

Comer said he doesn’t think the White House ever dreamed the committee would get bank records. But it’s bad news for the White House: this is only the beginning. He added they’d get a lot more bank records, and they will have to continue to backpedal and come up with why the Biden family has received millions of dollars from adversaries.