VP Kamala Harris Has So Much Time On Her Hands That She Is Sending Congratulatory Letters To Transgender Females

Vice President Kamala Harris has not had time to address the border crisis, which has seen over 5 million illegal immigrants flood the United States since she was appointed border czar. Yet, she appears to have time to congratulate Dylan Mulvaney on reaching the one-year mark as a “girl.”

Yes, folks, this is where your tax money goes—paying a vice president to write a transgender person a letter on living as a female for one year. Mulvaney is a biological male who became a TikTok sensation while recording his journey as a lady. The left generally supports him despite an exaggerated representation of a woman many regards as open mocking.   Last week, actress and talk show presenter Drew Barrymore knelt before Mulvaney in a humiliating gesture of allegiance that many deemed a “victory for the patriarchy.”

Harris appears to have given Mulvaney, who had just visited the White House to meet President Joe Biden, a letter commemorating 365 days of acting like a woman.

“Dear Dylan,” the letter starts, then Harris offers her, “I wish you my “warmest greetings” on celebrating your 365th day of “living authentically.”  The letter thanks Mulvaney for bravely sharing the tale and journey. Of course, Harris had more to say; she went on to add that she appreciated Mulvaney’s ongoing support for transgender equality, including Mulvaney’s recent visit to the White House. Harris went on to say that Mulvaney continues breaking down barriers and inspiring youth all over the world as an activist and spokesperson for the LGBTQ+ community. Mulvaney also dresses as a female child, but Harris apparently sees nothing wrong with that.

The vice president then lauded the “amazing success” achieved in furthering the LGBTQ+ agenda before proclaiming that the struggle is far from done, with the newest stage allegedly being the campaign to expose youngsters to queer theory and sexually inappropriate drag shows.

Harris said that the Biden Administration stands with the LGBTQI+ community in the continued fight for real fairness and equality and against all forms of hate and prejudice. The Vice President said that she appreciates Mulvaney’s commitment and boldness and hopes that she will continue to utilize the platform to communicate positivity and effect change. Harris ended with the fact that she was excited to watch what Mulvaney would do in the future.

The purported letter is dated March 13, 2023, and it is not the only significant task Kamala Harris has just undertaken. On Saturday, Harris co-hosted a brunch to commemorate Women’s History Month at the vice president’s mansion in Washington, D.C. The left maintains the right to honor women even if they can’t DEFINE what a woman is.