Resolution to Remove Kamala Harris From Her Position as Border Czar

Republican Texas Representative Ronny Jackson submitted a resolution calling for removing Vice President Kamala Harris from her post as border czar. On Friday, it will have been two years since President Joe Biden designated Harris as head of the border crisis, a situation that, according to Republicans, she and the president have utterly failed to manage.

According to Jackson, Kamala Harris has not addressed ‘the fundamental causes of migration’ or stopped the daily flood of illegal aliens crossing the border. She continues to do nothing while the number of illegal immigrants crossing the border skyrockets, fentanyl-related deaths are increasing, and CBP agents are left to fend for themselves. Before submitting the resolution, Jackson told the Caller that Harris had thoroughly failed the American people by flagrantly neglecting her duty as Border Czar.

“Enough is enough!” President Biden must remove Kamala Harris and replace her with a candidate who will put Americans first and end the border problem. Jackson stated that politics should never compromise national security; immediate change is needed now.

Harris’s solution to the border crisis is to generate funding. The Biden administration’s effort to stop migrants from fleeing to the U.S. border is to raise funds from private corporations. It was announced in February that private companies had pledged over $1 billion to strengthen communities in Central America. Eleven corporations, including NestlĂ©, Target, and Columbia Sportswear, have announced that they will invest $950 million in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador to help farmers, generate textile employment, and invest in telecommunications and other industries.

Jackson’s request to remove Harris is a positive start toward resolving the border issue. Jackson has visited the southern border three times, while Harris has only visited once. Calls for Harris to make more appearances in areas such as Texas and Arizona have been dismissed by Harris as “political games.”

Jackson has also sponsored a measure mandating immigration policy-tasked executive branch officials to visit the southern border and report on circumstances.

Pennsylvania Rep. Dan Meuser, California Rep. Mike Garcia, Texas Rep. Brian Babin, and Texas Rep. Randy Weber are the initial cosponsors of the resolution.

Harris’s current solution to the border problem involves funneling money to Central and South America (to address the root cause of migration) is failing.

It is failing so badly that the Biden administration keeps shattering its own record. According to Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the overall number of encounters in February 2023 increased by roughly 2% from January 2023’s figure of 208,546. This number includes Border Patrol interactions and noncitizens processed at ports of entry (POE), including those who sought an exemption to the Title 42 public health order based on particular vulnerabilities and arranged an appointment in advance using the CBP One mobile application. Compared to the previous year (February 2022), there were 164,973 interactions with migrants along the southern border.



In February, CBP officers at POEs processed approximately 20,000 people who applied online. Since its launch, over 40,000 persons have made an appointment via CBP One, with Venezuelans and Haitians being the most common countries. What does this mean? More immigrants will be arriving.

Current CPB data for February 2021, 2022, and 2023 indicate that the Biden administration’s objective is a dismal failure since the number of encounters is increasing alarmingly. With any luck, Jackson’s resolution will gain traction, allowing the GOP to begin cleaning up the wreckage produced by the Biden administration.