Indictment Backfires, Trump Raises Millions Of Dollars And Gets Thousands Of New Volunteers

Former President Donald Trump departed Florida on Monday for New York City, where he will face charges stemming from a 2016 investigation in connection with Stormy Daniels, hush money paid by Michael Cohen and allegedly reimbursed through a business account.

Media sources indicate that Trump, who is in the most of his third presidential campaign, will surrender to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office on Tuesday after spending the night at Trump Tower.

Trump, who has already departed Florida, left with great fanfare. Hundreds of Trump’s followers flocked to the streets of Palm Beach, Florida, to demonstrate their support for the top Republican presidential candidate for 2024. Twitter videos depict Trump fans surrounding a roadway near Palm Beach International Airport with Make America Great Again and Trump banners.

Journalist Laura Loomer stated that Trump fans were rallying on Southern Blvd between Mar a Lago and the Palm Beach airport to support President Donald J. Trump as he goes to New York for a “WITCH HUNT INDICTMENT!”

She tweeted about the collected crowd, explaining that patriots had been queued up since 5:30 this morning outside Palm Beach international airport to show support for President Trump. Loomer believes former President Trump is the most popular president in American history.

Trump commented on Truth Social: “HEADING TO NEW YORK. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!” while his private jet waited on the runway. “Witch Hunt,” as our once-great Nation descends into “HELL!”

Screenshot: Truth Social: Donald J. Trump

Trump, the top presidential contender in 2024, demonstrates that the far-left District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s baseless charge against him has just begun to backfire in his favor. Besides the amazing number of followers showing their support,  he has allegedly raised a stunning 6.5 million dollars off the indictment.

In the three days following the March 18 announcement of Trump’s imminent arrest on his top-rated social media site, Truth Social, due to “illegal leaks” from Bragg’s office, the Trump campaign disclosed that they had generated an astonishing $1.5 million through grassroots funding.

Nevertheless, it has been claimed that since Bragg’s baseless indictment of Trump was revealed on Thursday, Trump has raised an additional $5 million.

In the first twenty-four hours following the announcement of Trump’s bogus indictment, $4 million was raised. One million dollars was raised in the second twenty-four-hour period.

In the first twenty-four hours following the announcement of the indictment, nearly 25 percent of donations came from first-time contributors. It is not the end, either. Trump’s campaign informed Axios that in the first 24 hours, over 16,000 volunteers registered on Trump’s campaign website.

Trump posted to Truth Social that he has never received so much support and love against the radical left insurrectionists, extortionists, corrupt politicians, and thugs destroying our country as he has today. Trump also said on Truth Social, “Thank you, we will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.”