Kamala Harris Can Make It To Tennessee To Encourage Exile Democrats But Not The Texas Border

Vice President Kamala Harris refused to visit Texas’ border to see what their immigration policy has caused but had no problem going to Nashville. On Friday, Harris sang praises of the Tennessee Three. If you haven’t heard about this trio, they interrupted and staged a pro-gun-control protest during a local General Assembly. They chanted and caused mayhem, effectively stopping the ongoing legislation that day.

Two of the three members were ousted from their position. Of course, the left sees this as an opportunity. Two black members being ousted is reason enough for Harris to go. Funny how a million migrants can’t get the VP to move. Or how about the fentanyl crisis? Or the crime rate? Maybe Texas should oust some Democrats to get Harris to the border.

Reps. Justin Jones of Nashville, Justin Pearson of Memphis, and Gloria Johnson of Knoxville are the three Democrats Harris praised for their courage in advocating for gun reform after the shooting at a Nashville private Christian school. 

It wasn’t about these three leaders; it was about what they represented, she remarked at a Fisk University event. It’s about who they were channeling. Harris questioned if that is what democracy allows. Apparently, Harris still needs to read the Twitter Files to know that her party has been suppressing the will of the people.

Why did Harris believe she was needed in Tennessee? Because House Republicans decided Thursday to remove Jones and Pearson, both Black, for their involvement in the demonstration. Johnson, who is Caucasian, narrowly avoided expulsion by one vote.

“That is not democracy,” Harris cried, referring to the expulsions. She added that you don’t silence the people; you don’t suffocate them; you don’t turn off their microphones when they are speaking about the significance of life and liberty.   Anyone who has read the Twitter Files should understand the irony here. Especially that part that revealed the shadow banning of known medical professionals raising the alarm on the Covid-19 vaccine.

The vote to expel Jones was 72-25, and the vote to expel Pearce was 69-26. The expulsions have sparked a national debate over gun policy and racism. Want more irony? Why is no one protesting the arrest of Manuel Oliver? The father, whose son died in the Parkland shooting. He was arrested for the exact same thing. He disrupted a hearing on gun regulations on Capitol Hill. Could it be because he is not black? Therefore, the Democrats can’t use him to incite hatred.

On a conference call Friday before Harris’ arrival, President Joe Biden spoke with the Democrats known as the “Tennessee Three.” According to the White House, Biden commended them for their leadership in attempting to prohibit assault weapons and sticking up for democratic ideals. He also invited them to the White House soon. Let’s get this straight, for disputing the local congress, they are being paid a visit by Harris and have received a call and an invitation from Biden. Republicans protest for a fair election; they get jail time.

When Harris arrived in Nashville, she met privately with the three Democrats at Fisk University, which was hosting a meeting of community leaders in support of the expelled politicians. Hillary then met with fellow Tennessee Democratic politicians and Nashville Mayor John Cooper.

When Pearson arrived for the ceremony, he was greeted with boisterous clapping and cheering. They believed they could eject democracy, he stated from the podium, addressing the crowd. “But we’re still here!”

Biden’s appeal for a statewide ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines was reiterated by Harris. Assault weapons were meant to murder many people rapidly, she claimed, and have no place on civil society’s streets.

Republican leadership accused the three legislators of violating etiquette and floor rules by taking over the House floor without being recognized on March 30. Note that the three were expelled, not arrested like the January 6 protesters or Manuel Oliver. Furthermore, they can run again; no AG will indict them because this is a democracy, right?