Trump Files Lawsuit Against Former Attorney Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen, a disgraced and disbarred former attorney, has monetized his hatred for former President Donald J. Trump through book deals and regular appearances on network and cable television. Still, he may soon be forced to put his money where his mouth is, as the embattled 2024 Republican frontrunner has sued him for $500 million.

On Wednesday, Trump sued his former attorney, Michael Cohen, claiming he breached his fiduciary duties and violated the attorney-client relationship by “spreading falsehoods” about the nation’s 45th president that were “embarrassing or detrimental” and engaged in “other misconduct.”

According to the lawsuit, Cohen has made numerous public statements, including two books, podcasts, and media appearances, despite allegedly disobeying “cease and desist” orders.

According to the 32-page document, the defendant has engaged in such wrongdoing over an extended period. Despite a demand being sent to him to cease and desist from engaging in these unacceptable actions, Cohen increased the frequency and hostility of the illegal acts against Plaintiff.

The lawsuit states that Cohen’s “improper, self-serving, and malicious statements” about Trump, his family members, and his businesses constitute repeated violations of his continuing fiduciary duties.

According to the complaint, Cohen decided to take advantage of his previous close friendship with Trump to make money and restore his reputation after repeatedly repeating false statements and engaging in dishonest behavior because of his hatred of Trump.

An unnamed source informed Fox News that the lawsuit against Cohen is a completely unrelated matter and has nothing to do with the Manhattan DA’s unlawful and devoid-of-evidence case.

Cohen has been labeled as one of the sleazy characters from the Stormy Daniels scandal. Cohen is a disgraced lawyer; who was spared jail time by his ability to spin tales about Trump.

Cohen is the star witness in Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s malicious prosecution and may be a hero of the so-called anti-Trump resistance. In spite of this, his reputation as a slimy operative,  a convicted felon, and a “serial liar” is well established, at least, according to his former legal adviser Robert Costello, who testified of his lack of credibility.

Cohen’s counsel, longtime Clinton supporter Lanny Davis, responded to the lawsuit. In a statement, Davis said Trump is once again abusing the judicial system against Michael Cohen as a form of harassment and intimidation. Adding to that, it appears that Trump is petrified of his impending legal perils and is trying to send a message to any other potential witnesses cooperating with prosecutors against him. Davis added that Mr. Cohen would not be deterred and was confident that the lawsuit would fail based on the facts and the law.

According to the New York Times, Ellen C. Yaroshefsky of Hofstra University’s law school stated that the lawsuit could be an attempt to pressure Michael Cohen not to testify. Still, such pressure is unlikely to succeed.

A national security attorney, Bradley Moss, told Axios that the lawsuit was a public relations stunt, possibly retaliation for Michael Cohen becoming the star witness in the Manhattan criminal case. Axios also quoted former federal prosecutor Gene Rossi, who called the action an attempt to deflect attention away from Donald Trump in a criminal case.

On Wednesday, Trump played golf before flying back to New York to take the deposition in the civil lawsuit brought against him by New York Attorney General Leticia James.

According to the complaint, Trump seeks ‘compensatory, incidental, and punitive damages’ that would substantially exceed $500 million. According to NBC News, he also wants any proceeds or compensation Cohen received from his books, podcast, or other products.

According to Trump’s attorney, Chris Kise, Cohen has deceived the magistrate. He has lied to the attorneys, deceived his employers, and lied to his counsel. Someone must, at some point, hold this serial deceiver accountable.