The Immigrant Crisis In New York Does not Mean Bi-Partisan Support on the Border Crisis

Eric Adams, New York City’s Mayor, is dealing with an illegal immigration crisis. He stated that the city is constantly flooded with foreign immigrants and blamed the Biden administration. However, as Congressman Chip Roy (R-TX) pointed out, Adams and other Big Government liberals are to blame for creating this crisis in the first place.

Adams recently said unequivocally that the president’s actions had strained his community and that thousands of men, women, and children have come by buses and other ways. As a result of those comments, at least one Republican lawmaker saw Adams as a ready collaborator in securing the border. Last week, Congressman Mike Lawler (R-NY) observed that Mayor Adams accurately attributed responsibility for the border and migrant crisis to President Biden, leading to a breakthrough. Lawler now views this as a chance for cooperation between parties.

Lawler believes that the current administration has neglected border security, resulting in a significant adverse effect on New York City. Lawler said he would be delighted to work with the Mayor on a bipartisan basis to compel President Biden to secure our borders and reform the immigration system.

However, Adams’ solutions will only exacerbate the problem. He does not wish to deport these people or seal the border; instead, his administration feels that additional government funding is required to cover the costs of providing food, shelter, clothes, education, and other services to illegal aliens worldwide. According to Fabien Levy, the press secretary of Mayor Adams, individuals who are wrongly accusing the Mayor of using Republican talk should cease their criticism. Instead, they should focus on advocating for additional support from Washington, DC, and Albany. Mayor Adams is currently doing more than anyone else in the city to assist migrants. Adams, according to Levy, continues to welcome these visitors to the city that never sleeps.

According to Levy, Mayor Adams has taken steps to show his support for asylum seekers by organizing haircuts for them, donating books to children, and collecting clothing donations. He also slept alongside migrants at a humanitarian relief center while spending hours listening to their personal stories.

Lawler has also advocated for additional federal financing for municipalities such as New York City and others and amnesty for certain illegal immigrants. He expressed the importance of establishing a route toward legalization, which may result in citizenship for some but not for others.

Amnesty will inspire more people to cross the border to gain a position in America and get an early start on the “pathway to citizenship.” So, while Republicans like Lawler see Adams’ comments as encouraging, others like Roy are less so.

Roy believes Eric Adams is right in blaming the Biden Administration for the current border crisis. Still, Adams campaigned on his city’s sanctuary status and provided free childcare, colleague classes, and other taxpayer-funded programs to illegal immigrants.
Indeed, Adams announced to the world that they could seek refuge in his city in 2019: The greatest city of immigrants wants anybody in the globe escaping persecution and injustice to remember: “You’re ALWAYS welcome here.”

As Mayor, he has reduced funds for other sections of government to accommodate the illegal immigrants he has welcomed.
Texas has been dealing with this crisis for over two years – now New York is getting a taste of its own medicine.

The congressman from Texas is correct. And that cost will remain as long as Democratic policies that promote illegal immigration while enabling the border to function as a sieve remains in place.