DeSantis Signed Three Bills Into Law Designed To Keep Criminals Off Florida’s Streets; The Left Is Already Whining

The three initiatives aim to attack bail changes pushed by leftist prosecutors in recent years, enhance punishments for fentanyl traffickers, and make individuals who commit sexual crimes against children liable for the death sentence as retribution.

According to DeSantis, Florida is a law-and-order state with a 50-year record low crime rate and double-digit year-over-year decreases in murder, burglary, and overall crime. DeSantis has said that they had implemented tough-on-crime policies in the past three legislative sessions. This year, they continue to take steps to safeguard Florida neighborhoods and keep Florida safe, emphasizing keeping criminals in jail and prosecuting pedophiles.

House Bill 1627 tackles the subject of bail reform in various ways, the most significant of which is asking the Florida Supreme Court to adopt a consistent statewide bond schedule by the end of the year. The measure prohibits courts from imposing bonds under the minimum bail specified in the uniform state bond. It also prevents a person from being freed before their initial court appearance if the offense for which they were arrested was violent or horrific, and it adds further crimes to the state’s list of “dangerous crimes.”

The following measure, House measure 1359, raises the penalty for “rainbow fentanyl” traffickers by making them eligible for life in prison and a minimum 25-year sentence. The measure also includes a $1 million fine, making possessing, selling, or producing the narcotic or any substance mimicking candy a first-degree crime.

As a result of House Bill 1297, approved by Governor DeSantis, pedophiles who commit sexual battery against children under the age of 12 now face the death penalty.

This last law works with Senate law 450, which DeSantis signed last month, and cuts the number of jurors required to pass the death penalty from 12 to 8.

There has been an unusual reaction on social media to this final law, with some claiming it will be used to kill LGBTQ people. It appears strange that an organization that maintains it is not grooming or sexually abusing minors suddenly has a major problem when the penalty for doing so is death.

Members of the LGBTQ community have encouraged others on social media to flee from “there as soon as you can,” fearing that the measure will be used to “genocide” gay people.

People are left wondering why LGBTQ members oppose pedophiles receiving the death penalty, but surely we already know why.