Hawley Calls For Hilary’s Arrest And Overhaul Of The FBI

During an appearance on “Jesse Watters Primetime” on Fox News, Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) discussed the recently released final report by Special Counsel John Durham, which investigated the origins of the Russia collusion hoax. The report confirmed Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the scandal, and Hawley called for her prosecution.

Hawley emphasized the need for more than just reports and expressed his belief that people, including Clinton and her campaign, should face the consequences of their actions. He highlighted the timing of Clinton’s tweets about collusion, coinciding with her campaign operatives feeding information to the FBI. Hawley argued that this was not a mere coincidence and called for accountability regarding both Clinton and the FBI.

In addition to prosecuting individuals involved, Hawley called for a significant overhaul of the FBI, citing the need for this due to its corrupted leadership. As a result of the Bureau’s politicization, he called for a change in leadership and even suggested breaking it up. Hawley believed that interfering in a presidential election should not go unpunished and stressed the importance of justice being served.

Hawley also criticized the Democratic Party for attempting to use the FBI to manipulate the 2016 presidential election and expressed astonishment at the extent of their actions. He highlighted the success of their efforts in getting the FBI to lie to obtain wiretaps and spy on Donald Trump’s campaign. Hawley argued that such actions required prosecutions and accountability, along with a thorough reform of the FBI.

As news of the report’s findings spread, people began questioning when there would be accountability for those responsible. Even conservative actor James Woods compared the Russia hoax to Watergate, expressing frustration with the media’s response, a sentiment Hawley emphasizes.

Many individuals now demand accountability in light of the report’s confirmation that the entire Russia collusion narrative was false. The failed Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, had perpetuated this narrative throughout her campaign, insinuating that Donald Trump’s victory was solely due to collusion with Russia.

Senator Hawley once again echoed the sentiment of those seeking justice, emphasizing that the actions taken by Clinton and her associates cannot be swept under the rug. He pointed out that some individuals involved in the collusion hoax, such as Jake Sullivan, now hold positions of power within the government. Hawley stressed that there must be repercussions for their actions and called for accountability.

Hawley understood the gravity of the situation and compared the Russia hoax to the infamous Watergate scandal. He criticized mainstream news outlets’ tendency to downplay such matters, predicting they would quickly move on from this revelation. At the same time, Hollywood would continue to exploit the Watergate scandal for years to come. Hawley asked when congressional hearings would be initiated to address this significant breach of trust and abuse of power.

The report’s release reaffirms the need for a comprehensive reform of the FBI, as its leadership is corrupt and politically motivated. Hawley expressed his concern that the Bureau, as it currently stands, cannot continue in its current form. He emphasized the importance of restoring the public’s trust in the FBI by implementing substantial changes and holding those responsible for the misconduct accountable.

As the public digests the revelations from the report, the demand for justice and accountability grows louder. Confirming Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the destructive scam further fuels the call for her prosecution. Senator Hawley remains resolute in pursuing justice, vowing to continue advocating for consequences, reform, and restoring integrity within the FBI.