Hold On to Your Seat, Elon Musk Set To Interview DeSantis on Twitter Spaces

Ron DeSantis, Florida’s Governor,  is set to make a significant announcement during a Twitter conversation with Elon Musk on Wednesday. The Tesla CEO revealed his plans to interview DeSantis and promised an important revelation.

Sources familiar with the matter suggest that DeSantis will officially declare his candidacy for the 2024 presidential race during this Twitter exchange.

In anticipation of his campaign’s forthcoming launch, DeSantis’s team unveiled a preview video on social media. The video, which was shared on his wife Casey’s Twitter account, portrays America as a cause worth fighting for and features DeSantis walking onto a stage. It concludes with a call to action, urging viewers to text a specified number to receive more information about DeSantis’s presidential bid.

The Twitter conversation with Elon Musk, scheduled for Wednesday evening, will be conducted on Twitter Spaces, a platform for live audio discussions. This unexpected collaboration with Musk provides DeSantis with access to a wide online audience and adds a unique and intriguing element to his campaign launch.

DeSantis’s decision to enter the 2024 Republican primary race alongside former President Donald J. Trump has been widely anticipated. However, choosing to announce his candidacy in conjunction with Musk creates an element of surprise. NBC News initially reported on the upcoming event, shedding light on DeSantis’s strategy.

It is believed that DeSantis is set to submit formal documentation to the Federal Election Commission on Wednesday, solidifying his status as an official presidential candidate. This comprehensive approach to his campaign launch aims to make a strong impact and maximize his initial impression on potential supporters.

DeSantis faces the challenge of capturing attention and standing out amidst the looming presence of Donald Trump, a master at commanding the limelight. Additionally, Trump’s aides have indicated his imminent return to Twitter, making it essential for DeSantis to make a compelling case for his candidacy before Trump’s reemergence.

Elon Musk’s involvement in the conversation introduces an element of risk and unpredictability to the carefully planned campaign rollout. Musk’s eccentricities and controversial statements have often garnered significant attention. Nonetheless, DeSantis appears willing to embrace this risk, recognizing the potential benefits of engaging with a diverse range of voices through the Twitter platform.

The conversation between DeSantis and Musk will be moderated by David Sacks, a Republican donor and close associate of Musk. Sacks, a technology entrepreneur, and investor, has expressed his admiration for DeSantis’s approach to handling the COVID-19 pandemic in Florida, which he described as a bold move to halt strict lockdown measures.

As the highly anticipated Twitter conversation approaches, all eyes will be on Governor Ron DeSantis as he unveils his presidential ambitions. This unique opportunity to engage with Elon Musk’s wide-ranging audience on Twitter could be a pivotal moment for DeSantis to establish his place in the competitive landscape of the 2024 presidential race.