GOP Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Seeks 16 Million Penalty for Adam Schiff

Florida Republican Rep. Anna Paulina Luna has introduced a resolution to fine California Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff $16 million for his allegations that Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia to help him win in 2016.

According to Luna, that amounts to half of what it cost the federal government to investigate the claims of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign that was disproved by the reports of special counsels Robert Mueller and John Durham.

According to Luna, the GOP Conference agrees that Adam Schiff should be held accountable for betraying the confidence of the American people, willfully abusing positions of extreme responsibility, and spreading constant lies. The resolution calls for Rep. Schiff to pay a fine of $16 million, half of what was funded by American taxpayers for the Russia hoax investigation

According to the resolution proposed by Luna, Schiff’s position as chair of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence provided him access to classified information unavailable to other members of Congress.

However, Schiff betrayed this confidence by claiming there was proof of collaboration when, as subsequent notable counsel findings demonstrated, there was none.

According to the resolution, Representative Schiff intentionally misled his Committee, Congress, and the American people by making these claims repeatedly. The article pointed out that Schiff gave the Steele dossier more weight, backed a FISA warrant against Trump advisor Carter Page, and publicly accused Page of being a Russian collaborator.

It claims that Rep. Schiff used his HPSCI membership to promote and justify improper intelligence probes of American citizens for partisan gain. A false investigation was launched by Representative Schiff, who used his position and access to classified material to enrich himself politically and financially.

As a result of Rep. Schiff’s lies, misrepresentations, and abuses of sensitive material, an inquiry into collusion began at a cost to American taxpayers of $32 million, it said.

The resolution proclaims that Schiff is penalized $16 million for conduct that misled the American people in a manner unbecoming of an elected Member of the House.

Luna argued that the House Leadership is responsible to the American people to support this motion and hold this irresponsible man accountable.

The abuse of his position on the intelligence committee prompted Luna to propose a separate resolution last week calling for Schiff’s expulsion from Congress.

Last week, John Durham released a report concluding that the FBI had made grave mistakes but that there was no proof that Trump’s 2016 election campaign was influenced by colluding with Russia.

Schiff spent many years claiming there was evidence to the contrary. In 2017 he said the evidence was not circumstantial.

Schiff claimed last week that Luna’s vote to remove him from Congress was retaliation for his work to hold Trump responsible.

Rep. Adam Schiff, who is running for the Senate, claimed last week on Twitter that a MAGA Republican had filed a motion to remove him from the House of Representatives. He stated that he had stood up to Donald Trump and pushed MAGA forces to answer for their actions. He said they were out for revenge and would target everyone protecting the legal order.