Ron DeSantis Calls For Tax Reform And Abolishing IRS

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis expressed his support for a measure to defund the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) if he becomes president in 2024. DeSantis, in an interview with Dana Loesch, criticized the IRS as corrupt and called for a completely different system. DeSantis stated he supports a single-rate tax proposal that would improve the current system and be more favorable to average citizens.

DeSantis has been vocal about his concerns regarding the IRS’s unfair practices and its targeting of the middle class. He criticized the Biden administration’s plan to expand the IRS with 87,000 new agents, viewing it as disrespectful to the American public. DeSantis argued that the new agents would disproportionately target independent contractors, small business owners, and individuals with ordinary jobs, potentially causing significant harm.

In the past, DeSantis has advocated for a fair or flat tax system, believing that the IRS has outlived its usefulness and that reducing the government’s power through tax reform is necessary.

DeSantis has also proposed a national tax. It should be noted that critics have attacked DeSantis for his support of a national sales tax. Still, his position was misrepresented, as the proposed bill would have eliminated other federal taxes, including the income tax, if passed.

DeSantis proposed a simplified and more equitable approach to taxation. Instead of a progressive tax system where tax rates increase as income rises, a fair or flat tax system imposes a uniform tax rate on all individuals or businesses, regardless of income level. Proponents argue that such a system would promote economic growth, simplify tax compliance, and eliminate loopholes and deductions that often benefit the wealthy.

DeSantis’s support for these tax reforms stems from his concern for the average citizen and taxpayer. He believes the current tax system disproportionately burdens hardworking individuals, small business owners, and independent contractors. By advocating for a fair or flat tax system, DeSantis aims to create a more favorable environment for these individuals, allowing them to keep more earnings and stimulating economic activity.

Furthermore, DeSantis has been a vocal critic of the IRS and its perceived unfair practices. In his bid for the presidency, DeSantis aims to bring about significant tax reform that would replace the current system with a fairer, simpler, and more favorable to the average taxpayer. By advocating for eliminating the IRS and supporting alternative tax proposals, he seeks to empower individuals and businesses while reducing the influence of a perceived corrupt and intrusive government agency.

As DeSantis continues his campaign, his stance on tax reform and his criticism of the IRS will likely resonate with individuals burdened by the complexities and inequities of the current tax system. His proposals for change reflect his commitment to promoting economic growth, individual liberty, and a more accountable and transparent government.