Shocking: Texas Governor Sends Migrants to Democratic Stronghold!

According to a statement from his office, Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott has transported a group of migrants to Los Angeles, a city governed by Democrats. The bus arrived at Union Station on Wednesday evening, marking the latest instance of Abbott’s strategy to send migrant buses to cities under Democratic leadership. This approach has already been implemented in Washington, D.C., New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Denver. Abbott’s actions follow a similar initiative by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, who flew migrants to Sacramento, California, leading to an investigation by the state.

Abbott attributed the influx of migrants crossing into Texas from Mexico as a direct result of President Biden’s refusal to secure the border, leaving Texas’ small border towns teetering on the brink of chaos. “The flood of people illegally crossing into Texas from Mexico has overwhelmed our border communities,” Abbott proclaimed. With Los Angeles being a magnet for migrants, especially after its city leaders proudly declared it a sanctuary city, Abbott vowed to continue providing what he believed was much-needed relief until President Biden finally stepped up to his responsibilities and secured the border.

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass responded to the situation, stating that more than 40 individuals had been transported to the city. She described Abbott’s actions as a cheap political game and emphasized that her administration had been prepared for such an eventuality. The city’s emergency management, police, fire, and other departments, along with nonprofit partners, were mobilized in advance of the bus’s arrival.

This incident follows the transportation of two planes filled with asylum seekers who landed in Sacramento. According to organizations assisting these migrants, the 36 individuals transported were promised employment and other forms of support. Governor Ron DeSantis took credit for that one.

At a meeting with sheriffs near the Arizona-Mexico border, DeSantis, a Republican presidential candidate, expressed his commitment to gaining control of the border. He emphasized that closing the border is necessary and criticized the idea of having an open border. DeSantis said, “I think the border should be closed. I don’t think we should have any of this,” As Biden continues to support the policy for an open border, DeSantis believes that sanctuary jurisdictions should bear the responsibility for it.

DeSantis addressed California’s investigation into his migrant transports, asserting that Florida does not serve as a sanctuary for illegal immigrants. He highlighted the differing approaches of California and Florida, with California providing benefits and unemployment checks to migrants, while Florida aims to create a legal workforce and avoid such incentives.

Los Angeles is now the newest destination for busing illegal migrants. Governor Abbott’s office reported that approximately 21,600 migrants have been bused from the southern border. Moreover, since April 2022, over 9,700 migrants have been transported to Washington D.C., more than 7,900 migrants to New York City since August 5, over 2,300 migrants to Chicago since August 31, more than 1,500 migrants to Philadelphia since November 15, and more than 160 migrants to Denver since May 18. On Wednesday, the first bus carrying over 40 migrants arrived in Los Angeles. These totals do not include the buses sent by the previous Governor of Arizona nor the planes full of migrants sent by Governor DeSantis.