Garland Stands Firm on Hunter Biden’s Treatment, Accuses Right-Wing Critics of Undermining Democracy

Attorney General Merrick Garland’s recent actions, such as the lenient treatment given to Hunter Biden by federal prosecutors, have raised concerns about the integrity of the Justice Department. This department was once highly regarded for its unwavering dedication to equal justice for all. However, it now appears to be operating as a group of legal enforcers for the Biden administration’s adversaries while providing favorable treatment to the administration’s members and allies, especially the alleged influence-peddling activities of the president’s son, Hunter Biden.
Garland himself becomes defensive when faced with these allegations. He recently expressed dissatisfaction, claiming that accusations of the Justice Department engaging in framing dissidents and protecting friends of the administration are “threats to our democracy.”

It is worth noting that when left-leaning individuals express concern about the state of “our democracy” (technically a republic), they are primarily referring to challenges to their own dominance in the nation’s political and cultural arenas. Garland confirmed this during a recent interaction with a reporter who questioned him about Republican concerns regarding the department’s corruption and the public’s reaction to it.

In response, Garland arrogantly defended his department, stating, “I understand that some have chosen to question the integrity of the Justice Department and its employees by alleging disparate treatment of similar cases. Such attacks undermine an institution that is vital to American democracy and the safety of the American people. However, these claims are entirely false.” Here, Garland deliberately equates criticism of his Justice Department, which has displayed partisan bias by attempting to falsely incriminate a duly elected president and labeling concerned parents as terrorists, with an attack on the very concept of a Justice Department.

While the department is indeed crucial to American democracy, or more accurately, the American republic, the nation now finds itself in the current predicament precisely because Garland has turned it into a propaganda machine for the favored and a ruthless tool for vengeance against the disfavored. Those who criticize the department are not against its existence but rather against the mess that Garland has created.

Nevertheless, Garland insists that he and his far-left associates have acted with absolute integrity. He asserts, “I have consistently emphasized that our decisions are based on facts and the law, and these are not mere words but the principles we adhere to when making these determinations.”

Recent reports challenge Garland’s credibility. According to Just the News, whistleblowers from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) directly dispute Garland’s claim that U.S. Attorney David Weiss was allowed to conduct an impartial investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax affairs without political interference. Senator Chuck Grassley recently asked Garland how Weiss could pursue charges against President Biden’s son outside of Delaware, where he holds jurisdiction, considering Garland had not designated him as a special counsel. Garland responded by assuring Grassley that Weiss would have full authority to conduct the investigation, even in another jurisdiction.

However, an IRS whistleblower revealed that during an October 2022 meeting attended by Weiss, IRS investigators, and FBI agents, Weiss was explicitly told that he could not bring his case against Hunter Biden to Washington. Furthermore, when Weiss requested special counsel authority, his request was denied. This reveals a lack of impartiality within the department.

If House Republicans were to pursue the impeachment of Merrick Garland, they could play a significant role in exposing and ending the deep-rooted corruption within the Justice Department. Except for President Biden himself, no official in the Biden administration would be more deserving of such action.