Breaking News: Did Joe Biden Use a Private Phone for Hunter’s Illegal Dealings?

During a recent appearance on Fox News, Peter Schweizer, the head of the Government Accountability Institute (GAI), revealed new information regarding President Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s alleged involvement in a criminal bribery scheme. Schweizer shed light on a non-government “global phone” that was reportedly used by Joe Biden during his tenure as vice president, which was paid for by Hunter’s business.

Schweizer emphasized the need for congressional investigators to examine the line of communication between Hunter Biden, his business partners, and Joe Biden. He clarified that this communication did not occur through the government or Joe Biden’s personal phone. According to information obtained from Hunter’s laptop, it was discovered that Hunter’s business had paid for a private phone line used by Joe Biden during his vice presidency. This phone, provided by AT&T, costs $300 monthly and allows global communication.

Schweizer shared the phone number and account information with the House Oversight Committee, expressing hope that they would subpoena the records to gain insight into the extent of communication between Joe Biden and his son’s business partners. He suggested that this phone could potentially be the one referenced in allegations involving recorded conversations between Joe Biden and a Burisma executive in Ukraine.

Schweizer had previously submitted this information to the House Oversight Committee in May, disclosing that the phone bill covered 2009 to 2017, corresponding to Biden’s time as vice president. The future use of this information by Congress remains uncertain, as Texas Senator Ted Cruz noted that the Senate Judiciary Committee is unlikely to put the IRS whistleblowers on the stand, but there may be a chance for investigation in the House.

Schweizer further highlighted that the evidence presented so far indicated an abuse of power and emphasized the importance of investigating the criminal aspects and potential espionage implications. He pointed out that Hunter Biden had received $5 million from Henry Zhao. Zhao is the head of a Harvest investment firm with ties to the Chinese minister of state security family. Schweizer asserted that every deal Hunter Biden engaged in China involved individuals connected to Chinese intelligence, raising concerns about potential espionage activities.

Joe Biden has stated that he was not involved in Hunter’s dealing, yet recent information indicates that he was present when some of the negotiations were going on. The fact that Hunter’s company paid for a Global phone for Joe adds yet another layer of involvement in his son’s dealings.