Hunter Biden’s Laptop: The Unending Treasure Trove of Controversy

New photos have surfaced showing Hunter Biden allegedly committing two crimes on camera, causing his laptop to once again make headlines. The images, discovered on his laptop computer, reveal Hunter Biden’s behavior behind the wheel. The U.K. Daily Mail published pictures that Hunter Biden himself took during a trip to meet Las Vegas escorts on August 1, 2018. Shockingly, or maybe not so shockingly, the pictures show Hunter Biden driving at a staggering speed of 172 mph.

In addition to the high-speed photo, another photo found on the laptop, dated June 12, 2018, depicts Hunter Biden holding a burnt crack pipe while driving at 35 mph in Arlington, Virginia. In his 2021 memoir, “Beautiful Things,” Hunter Biden briefly touched on his reckless driving and encounters with prostitutes.

In light of this new revelation from Hunter Biden’s laptop, Republican Senators Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin have raised concerns about the motives behind a 2020 FBI briefing. The briefing claimed that spreading information about the laptop was aiding Russian disinformation. Grassley and Johnson question whether there was an attempt by federal law enforcement to suppress any criticism of the Biden family prior to the 2020 election.

Grassley emphasized that the FBI’s actions appeared to be a deliberate attempt to discredit their oversight. He demanded an explanation from the bureau regarding their conduct during the Hunter Biden investigation. Johnson highlighted the intertwining issues of foreign policy implications stemming from the Biden family’s business network and the obstruction faced in investigating allegations against the Biden family. He expressed deep concern about the complicity of federal law enforcement and the unequal application of justice, which he considers a significant threat to democracy.

Furthermore, IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley revealed in his deposition that as early as December 2019, the FBI notified the IRS about potential evidence of tax crimes on Hunter Biden’s laptop. This information was confirmed in November 2019 when the FBI matched the device number to Hunter Biden’s Apple iCloud ID. It’s worth noting that the laptop’s authenticity was verified months before the allegations of Russian disinformation surrounding its contents were discredited.

The unfolding timeline raises questions about the FBI’s objectivity and warrants a thorough explanation from the bureau. The concerns extend beyond partisan lines, as there appears to be a pattern of corruption that spans multiple administrations. Johnson emphasized the need to uncover the broader story of corruption and the orchestration behind it, which poses a grave threat to the foundations of democracy.