Kamala Harris’s Shocking Solution for Cleaner Air Revealed, It’s Not What You Think

During a speech promoting the Biden administration’s green spending agenda in Baltimore, Maryland, Vice President Kamala Harris made a gaffe by suggesting that reducing population could contribute to cleaner air and water. Her exact words were: “When we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and reduce population, more of our children can breath clean air and drink clean water.”

Harris emphasized the unequal impact of the climate crisis on different communities, particularly underserved communities of color, poor communities, rural areas, and Native American communities, which often face the greatest challenges in recovering from its effects.

The speech, delivered at Coppin State University, also served as an announcement of $20 billion in taxpayer funds allocated for green energy initiatives through the Inflation Reduction Act. Environmental Protection Agency chief Michael Regan accompanied Harris, and the focus of the event was placed on “environmental justice,” according to The Baltimore Sun.

The $20 billion originates from two programs under the EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund, with over half of the funding designated for low-income and historically-disadvantaged areas, including rural and Native American localities. This commitment to directing a significant portion of green energy investments towards marginalized communities stems from President Joe Biden’s executive order issued in January 2021, which instructed federal agencies to ensure that at least 40% of specific program benefits reach these communities.

While Harris’s statement on reducing the population to improve air quality has sparked controversy, the White House is pushing that the statement was made within the context of addressing the environmental challenges faced by marginalized communities. The administration’s focus on environmental justice and allocating funds to underserved areas aims to address longstanding disparities and ensure equitable access to cleaner air and water.

Meanwhile, many people have had different views on the matter. “Are you the population she wants to reduce?” Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) tweeted. Sen. Eric Schmitt of Missouri tweeted: VP @KamalaHarris says the quiet part out loud regarding her and other climate alarmists’ very anti-human ideology and their desire to reduce population.

If the left weren’t already committed to population reduction, it would be easier to write it off as a gaffe. A 1968 book by environmentalist Paul Ehrlich titled ‘The Population Bomb’ sparked a surge in demands for ‘zero population growth’ on the left. They also endorse killing undesirables and unwanted children through their affinity for completely unrestricted abortion.

On that note, the comment is even more ironic when talking specifically about the population growth of the United States. Harris is well known for her role as the border czar. The irony that the Biden-Harris administration is letting illegal migrants into the U.S. at an alarming pace and then telling the American people to reduce the population is hilarious. Perhaps someone should inform her to actually do her double and stop letting migrants into the U.S.