Democrat’s Smug Attitude Backfires: Biden Family Business Ties Revealed

Despite President Biden’s denials, conservative Twitter users ridiculed Democratic Rep. Dan Goldman following an exchange during a congressional hearing they think proves Biden met with Hunter Biden’s business acquaintances.

Goldman questioned Gary Shapley, an IRS supervisor who testified Wednesday before the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, regarding his claim that Hunter Biden told his father that he might be trying to start a company.

Goldman informed Shapley that if Hunter Biden told him he was attempting to do business with the Chinese oil and natural gas company, it didn’t sound like Joe Biden was involved.

Shapley agreed but mentioned that Joe Biden had discussed business with his son.

The conversation was stopped by Goldman, who confirmed that Hunter Biden did attempt to conduct business.

Conservatives on social media interpreted the exchange as President Biden admitted that he had spoken to Hunter Biden about business matters, despite his previous assertion that he had not.

Even though the case is and has been overwhelming, conservative radio commentator Mark Levin tweeted that Democrat Dan Goldman, a coverup artist for the Biden crime family, established a case for appointing a special counsel.

That Goldman is so arrogant as he steps on all these rakes is hilarious, tweeted reporter Chuck Ross.

Prof. Jonathan Turley, a legal analyst for Fox News, tweeted that Rep. Goldman had just tripped the wire on Joe Biden. To disprove Joe Biden’s involvement, he subjected the whistleblowers to intense interrogation, which revealed that Biden had discussed Hunter’s business dealings with the Chinese.

Congressman Goldman responded to Turley’s tweet about the controversy. Still, his office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

According to Goldman’s article, this is the biased viewpoint of a professor who has never served as a prosecutor. Hunter requested that his father introduce him to a few possible business associates. It’s time to move on now that it’s clear President Biden was not associated with or even aware of the company, let alone its name.

President Biden has consistently denied having any business discussions with his son.

When campaigning in Iowa in 2019, Biden made this claim and said he never mentioned his son’s international business affairs in conversation. Biden also argued that attention should be focused on Trump, claiming that the president was driving this agenda because he feared losing to Biden.
President Biden then instructed the reporter to focus on relevant topics.

Biden has frequently denied having lied about never having business discussions with Hunter, a claim he made as recently as last month.

When reached for comment, the White House provided none right away.