Biden Administration’s Absurd Priorities: $300K for Manga Fad Investigation Exposed

In the latest round of wasting taxpayer money, the Biden Administration has authorized a study on Magna. The Biden administration aims to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in libraries nationwide. As part of this effort, they’ve allocated approximately $300,000 of taxpayer funds to conduct a thorough study on the reading habits of minority children and their interest in Japanese comic books known as manga.

Yes, you read that correctly: the Biden Administration is funding research to see why kids like Magna. To carry out this research, the Institute of Museum and Library Services, an agency under the National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities, has granted $313,318 to New York’s Queens College. Over the course of three years, the college will delve into the world of manga to gain a deeper understanding of why children from diverse backgrounds, including black, indigenous, and people of color communities, are drawn to this style of comic book, which originated in Japan.

The primary objective of this grant is twofold: first, to bridge the “knowledge gap” that exists among librarians who may not be well-versed in manga, and second, to identify popular manga titles among teenagers. According to the Biden Administration, the initiative aims to enrich the literary landscape and ensure that libraries offer a diverse and inclusive selection of materials for their patrons.

This funding opportunity falls under the purview of the Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program. This initiative seeks to cultivate a more diverse library and archival workforce while addressing issues of equity and inclusion in libraries nationwide.

It is important to note that this funding allocation is just one instance of the Biden administration’s commitment to supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives across various sectors. For example, the State Department has previously directed funds toward promoting DEI principles in Palestinian communities and implementing similar initiatives in Iraq.

Furthermore, this grant also highlights the administration’s wasteful efforts to explore diversity, equity, and inclusion within different industries. Recently, it allocated $90,000 to study DEI practices in the construction industry, signaling its dedication to creating a more equitable workforce in this sector.

In the context of the manga study, Queens College will collaborate with Manga in Libraries, an organization established in 2021 to promote manga in both school and public libraries. This partnership aims to leverage the expertise of Manga in Libraries to ensure the effective integration of manga titles that address important social issues, including race, LGBTQ representation, and disabilities.

Among the manga titles recommended by Manga in Libraries are works that explore themes of gender identity and sexual orientation, such as “The Bride Was a Boy,” which is described as a “charming tale” following the journey of a woman who was assigned male at birth as she explores her sexuality and transition.

Another manga title that advocates for inclusion is “The Ancient Magus’ Bride,” which tells the story of Ainsworth, a character who has a unique appearance and marries a 15-year-old orphan girl he purchased at a slave auction. This work aims to promote the representation and inclusion of girls in manga narratives.

Interestingly, the rising interest in manga and other “nerdy hobbies” among politicians is also becoming noticeable. For example, it has been reported that Missouri Democrat Lucas Kunce, who is running against Sen. Josh Hawley, has a collection of Magic: The Gathering cards valued at up to $50,000. This growing engagement with niche hobbies among politicians might reflect a broader societal shift where diverse interests are embraced and celebrated. Democrats clearly see that Gathering cards are important when you have nothing worthwhile to promote yourself. Maybe Kunce thinks he can use his cards to wish his way into the Senate. Of course, wasting $50,000 on cards shows that Kunce is mostly likely not the person most Americans would want in charge of reducing the deficit.

This latest allocation of taxpayer funds for the manga study exemplifies the Biden administration’s ongoing commitment to waste taxpayers’ dollars and groom American children. It appears that the Biden administration is not concerned about the deficits and plans to increase them through unnecessary spending.