How Dark Money is Financing The Left’s Political Network

The biggest outside super PAC backing President Biden’s 2024 campaign has reportedly donated enormous sums of money to him in private. 

According to a July New York Times article, Biden’s campaign has emphasized the Future Forward PAC as the primary outside organization to raise substantial funds for his campaign. Future Forward claimed to the press that it had amassed $50 million in funding this year.

The funds were allegedly stockpiled in the secret accounts of its affiliated dark organization, Future Forward USA Action. According to its latest midyear report, the Future Forward PAC raised a mere $67,000 in donations in the year’s first half. The money came from a vendor refund and in-kind contributions from the nonprofit for administrative costs and employee time.

In recent years, tens of millions of dollars have been transferred from Future Forward’s nonprofit, which does not disclose its sources, to the PAC for use in electoral activity. With the organization sitting on a significant sum of cash until the election heats up, this strategy places Biden’s campaign to receive a boost from unidentified contributors. 

This is the same Joe Biden who warned dark money erodes public trust, according to Caitlin Sutherland, executive director of Americans for Public Trust, who made this claim to the media. According to Sutherland, Americans have zero tolerance for the hypocrisy of this magnitude in politics.

According to Sutherland, the revelations regarding the foreign dark money financing the left’s political network cast doubt on the identity of the donors behind the enormous, undisclosed sums of money that were a factor in President Biden’s re-election.

Suppose Future Forward can conceal the identities of its donors. In that case, the public may need to learn who supports the leading outside Biden super PAC in the 2024 elections. 

According to prior reports, a significant portion of its funds were channeled through a network of nonprofit organizations managed by the consulting firm Arabella Advisors, which controls a billion-dollar dark money network. These measures further disguise their original contributors by adding a layer of secrecy. 

The Impetus Fund was one of the dark money organizations that had remained undetected. Tax records show that during the past presidential campaign, the Impetus Fund transferred $55.8 million of its unreported funding to Future Forward USA Action.

Meanwhile, since the 2020 election, Future Forward USA Action has transferred $77 million into the Future Forward PAC, accounting for more than 40% of the $181 million the PAC raised.

Senior White House adviser Anita Dunn claimed that Future Forward had earned its status as the leading super PAC backing Biden by spending $141 million on independent expenditures during the previous presidential season. 

Dunn said in 2020, when Future Forward appeared out of nowhere and started placing advertising, the Biden campaign was impressed by the effectiveness of the ads and the overall rigorous testing that had clearly gone into the entire project. 

Future Forward did not respond to a request for comment.