How Hunter’s Air Force 2 Adventures Expose Joe Biden’s Role in His Schemes

During Joe Biden’s tenure as vice president, his son Hunter accompanied him on covert trips to foreign nations on at least eight occasions, according to Fox News reporter Jesse Watters. Hunter managed to evade attention by utilizing the rear staircase of Air Force Two and refraining from appearing alongside his father on the tarmac. However, video footage from these journeys exhibited Hunter Biden being transported within the vice presidential motorcade in countries like Germany, Japan, South Korea, and others where alleged Biden family business interests were at play.

Despite assertions made by Joe Biden that he never discussed business matters with his son and never interacted with Hunter’s business associates, these instances of Hunter’s presence during his father’s overseas trips while he held the vice presidency, appear to suggest a deeper connection between the two in their alleged efforts to leverage their influence.

Jesse Watters highlighted that Hunter’s inconspicuous departure through the back staircase revealed that Joe Biden flew his son abroad, but no news was reported about this. Hunter would frequently be seated in the limousine when Joe Biden disembarked from the aircraft, making his presence inconspicuous.

The video evidence clearly indicates that Hunter Biden utilized Air Force Two for business-related travel, funded by taxpayers, which potentially facilitated the Biden family’s wealth accumulation through secretive global escapades. One such incident depicted Joe and Jill Biden entering a limousine in Berlin, Germany, in 2013, with Hunter following closely behind.

Inquiries arose about Hunter’s purpose in these destinations, particularly during the 2013 Munich Security Conference in Germany, where Joe Biden participated. Coincidentally, China and Ukraine, countries that Hunter subsequently engaged with, featured prominently in discussions during the conference.

Following the Germany trip, Hunter accompanied his father to Asia, starting in Japan and then to China, where the now-infamous handshake between Joe Biden and a Chinese client Jonathan Li, who ran Chinese private equity fund Bohai Capital. Hunter later met up with Li.

There were also instances where Hunter’s international travels seemed linked to his business pursuits. For instance, he visited Italy, possibly to connect with Ukrainian businessman Mykola Zlochevsky, owner of Burisma Holdings. In addition, emails from Hunter’s laptop suggested he coordinated meetings with business partners while aboard Air Force Two.

The interaction with Mexican business partner Carlos Slim, who also had ties to the New York Times, raised questions about Hunter’s involvement in diplomatic meetings during his father’s vice presidency. A 2016 email to Slim: “We are arriving late tonight on Air Force Two to Mexico City … I’m attending meeting w/President N /dad.” Hunter later brought him to the White House.

Despite the lack of official flight records, the evidence strongly suggests a significant business partnership between Joe and Hunter Biden, with instances of shared goals, secret communication, and even financial entanglements. The utilization of various aliases in official emails and exchanges involving Ukraine underscored the depth of their involvement.

Watters questioned why Joe Biden would bring his son to meetings with the Mexican president. He also noted that the White House had not released flight manifests from Biden’s time as vice president, but it seems likely that the two were involved in business together.

“When you’re using burner phones, 17 shell companies, and dodging taxes, you’re kind of announcing you’re committing crimes,” he quipped. Recent discoveries reveal that while serving as vice president, Biden used three different aliases in official emails, some of which included emails from Ukraine that were copied to his son, Hunter. It has been reported that Joe Biden even sent official foreign travel schedules and records of his calls with the president of Ukraine to Hunter, even while Hunter was involved with the controversial Ukrainian company Burisma.

Despite mounting documentary evidence of their collaborative business endeavors, some narratives seek to downplay the situation, framing it as a father’s concern for his son battling addiction.