Watch Tucker Carlson’s Dire Predictions About How Far They Will Go To Keep Trump Out Of The White House

During an appearance on the Adam Carolla show, Tucker Carlson predicted that if the legal efforts to prevent Donald Trump from running again failed, extreme measures would be taken, such as assassinations and a conflict with Russia.

Carlson implied that the established political elites, including both parties in Washington, perceive Trump as a significant threat, motivating them to take drastic measures. He argued that if the sequence of criticism, protests, impeachment, and indictment fails to achieve their goals, the situation might escalate toward the possibility of assassination. Carlson, “If you begin with criticism, then you go to protest, then you go to impeachment, now you go to indictment, and none of them work, what’s next? Graph it out, man. We are speeding towards assassination, obviously.”

He also speculated that if traditional methods of political maneuvering fail, the next strategy could involve provoking a war with Russia. Carlson dismissed the idea of a repeat of measures like Covid-related restrictions, asserting that these options had lost their effectiveness.

In Carlson’s analysis, the potential trigger for a major conflict could be a situation similar to the Tonkin Gulf incident, where a fabricated event could be used to justify military action. He suggested that such a scenario might involve missiles striking a location like Poland, which could then be blamed on Russia, leading to a military confrontation.

Carlson urged the Senate, particularly the Republican-held majority, to advocate for de-escalation, especially concerning the situation in Ukraine. He emphasized that the need to avoid a catastrophic scenario was of utmost importance.

During his appearance, Carlson also delved into unsubstantiated claims about former president Barack Obama, alleging that Obama was involved in drug use and homosexual activities. He referred to claims made by Larry Sinclair, who alleged that he had engaged in drug use and sexual encounters with Obama in the past. Carlson asserted that these claims were true but largely went unreported due to threats from the Obama administration, which supposedly threatened to deny media access to the White House to anyone covering the allegations.

Carlson concluded by stating that revealing Obama’s personal inclinations would not have had a significant impact on the world, as he believed that Obama’s sexual orientation was already widely known. He also mentioned a letter in which Obama had reportedly acknowledged his attraction to men to a former girlfriend.