Capitol Police Chief’s Shocking Revelation: Testimony Challenges Pelosi’s January 6th Narrative

Former U.S. Capitol Police Chief Steven A. Sund has disclosed that he had three distinct conversations with then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on January 6, 2021. This revelation challenges Pelosi’s earlier assertions that Sund and she did not communicate on January 6. The facts are now clear, and it’s essential to examine them closely.

Sund provided his testimony in a session for the “Oversight of United States Capitol Security: Assessing Security Failures on January 6, 2021,” organized by the House Administration Subcommittee on Oversight. Contrary to Pelosi’s public denial of any interaction, Sund confirmed that he had conversed with her three times on the day the Capitol was breached.

As the highest-ranking security official for the House, Sund was in direct communication with the House Sergeant at Arms, Paul Irving, whom Pelosi nominated. Sund disclosed that when he initially proposed the idea of mobilizing the National Guard in the days preceding January 6, Irving was hesitant due to concerns about the public perception of such an action.

On the day the Capitol was compromised, Sund once more approached Irving to advocate for the National Guard’s deployment. Irving replied that he would have to “consult higher authorities.” Sund took this to mean the leadership hierarchy that leads to Speaker Pelosi, suggesting that the final decision was in her hands.

The inconsistency between what Pelosi publicly stated and Sund’s testimony is concerning. Why would Pelosi refute speaking to Sund unless there was something concealed?

Sund’s account implies that Pelosi had a deeper involvement in the January 6th events than she has openly acknowledged.

Sund elaborated on the three discussions he had with Pelosi. The initial conversation occurred when he updated Vice President Pence in a secure setting and informed Irving of his intentions. Irving then connected with Pelosi, and Sund briefed her for the first time. The subsequent conversation occurred when Sund was en route to update the Senate, and Pelosi sought clarification on the details he had provided to Vice President Pence.

The final conversation happened at 06:25 p.m., where Sund updated all leadership on the strategies to reconvene them in the chambers.
Sund’s statements not only challenge Pelosi’s declarations but also prompt inquiries about her decisions on January 6. Why did she decline President Trump’s proposal to deploy the National Guard three days before the incident? Why did she hold Sund responsible for the security lapses and compel him to resign as Police Chief?

It appears that Pelosi has not divulged the entire story and that different versions of what occurred that day will be forthcoming.