Tucker Carlson and Bill O’Reilly Unleash Bombshell Revelations in Explosive Discussion

In a recent political discourse, GOP contenders, excluding the frontrunner, graced the stage of a Fox News debate, which Glenn Beck criticized as the most dismal debate he has ever witnessed. Amidst this, two former influential network figures, Tucker Carlson and Bill O’Reilly, engaged in an extensive conversation lasting nearly an hour. This discussion, which premiered on platform X, has already garnered over
8.8 million views in less than a day.

The presence of O’Reilly on the set promised a candid discussion, and it didn’t disappoint. The conversation traversed through various topics, including O’Reilly’s departure from Fox in 2017, his highly acclaimed “Killing” book series, the notion of demonic possession influencing the American television industry, and the conspiracy-laden assassination of JFK. As the dialogue steered towards the current national scenario, O’Reilly didn’t hold back his opinions.

O’Reilly shared with Carlson his belief that America is now navigating through an “Age of Disorder,” attributing this to the Progressive Movement’s influence. He expressed concerns over President Joe Biden’s mental acuity, suggesting that his perceived cognitive decline is advantageous for Progressives who, according to O’Reilly, can easily manipulate the President.

O’Reilly mentioned a case in point: the administration’s stance on border security with Mexico. He vehemently criticized the open border policy, linking it to grave consequences such as the Fentanyl crisis, urban decay in cities like El Paso, and social unrest in New York. He lamented the lack of enforcement of immigration laws under Biden’s watch, blaming the Progressives for this laxity.

O’Reilly also touched on George Soros’s advocacy for borderless societies, noting that even former President Barack Obama didn’t endorse such an extreme stance. He reiterated the “Age of Disorder” phrase while discussing various societal issues like the Black Lives Matter movement, defunding the police, tax burdens, and the Progressive agenda in education. He argued that the mainstream media, in cahoots with the Progressive Movement, keeps the public in the dark regarding these issues, perpetuating the ongoing disorder.

The conversation then shifted towards Donald Trump and the numerous indictments against him. O’Reilly expressed confidence that Trump’s name will remain on the ballot despite political adversities, and incarceration is unlikely. He elaborated that even in the event of a conviction, the charges against Trump wouldn’t warrant imprisonment, and at most, home confinement could be a possibility, which would still allow Trump to govern if re-elected.

O’Reilly acknowledged Trump’s self-centric nature but emphasized that Trump could potentially halt the “Age of Disorder” if elected. He suggested that with a simple executive order, Trump could secure the border, addressing at least one aspect of the prevailing disorder.

Regarding the US-Russia relations, O’Reilly hinted at Trump having leverage over Russian President Vladimir Putin, though the specifics remained undisclosed. He concluded by stating that Trump’s disdain for Washington D.C.’s political elite stems from his lack of reverence towards them, marking a stark contrast in the political landscape.

You can watch it here: https://x.com/TuckerCarlson/status/1707190888861229467?s=20