As Biden Downplays Migrant Issues, Musk Livestreams: ‘Breaking Bad’ Border Crisis

After Mitch McConnell claims that the “number one priority” of “most Republicans” is aid to Ukraine. Musk posed the question: Why do so many American politicians from both parties care 100 times more about the Ukraine border than the USA border?

Musk, the CEO of X, made a visit to the southern border last Thursday to witness firsthand the repercussions of President Joe Biden’s policies and to “gauge the situation for a real understanding.” Accompanied by Representative Tony Gonzales (R-TX), Musk landed in Eagle Pass, Texas, to live-stream his visit to provide Americans with a more in-depth understanding of the situation and not one dictated to the media by the Biden administration.

Earlier in the week, Gonzales acknowledged the border crisis, where thousands of undocumented migrants enter the U.S., emphasizing it as a “grave concern” as the small town of Eagle Pass faces an escalating influx of undocumented individuals.

Musk told viewers that his broadcast was being filmed in real-time and unfiltered as he initiated his livestream. Musk stated that it was “on-the-ground coverage!.” During the live stream, Gonzales escorted Musk around the vicinity of Eagle Pass, describing the fears of lawful residents regarding their safety. Musk responded by likening the scenario to a “Breaking Bad situation.”

Gonzales, the Texas Republican, expressed that the surge of undocumented migrants has reached a point where the small border town is on the verge of experiencing a breakdown in social services, akin to what New York City has already witnessed.

“If New York can’t handle it, well, pretty much no part of the country can,” Gonzales stated, attributing the dire situation to the Biden Administration’s persistent refusal to take action to secure the border.
Gonzales further elaborated that a significant aspect of the crisis stems from the administration’s allure to these individuals, fully aware that it’s a “dead-end road” they are venturing onto. Gonzales also explained that health care was unavailable to the city residents because doctors were treating migrants. He mentioned that many migrants stole vehicles and tore up farmland and equipment.

In another tweet, Musk shared his discussion on the border crisis at Eagle Pass. Despite declaring himself “extremely pro-immigrant,” Musk expressed his dismay at the “madness” of the situation. He advocated for an expanded immigration system that welcomes hardworking and law-abiding individuals to enter the U.S. legally while condemning those who break the law upon entry.

Musk inquired Gonzales about potential solutions to mitigate illegal border crossings. Gonzales suggested that in the event of a government shutdown—which would categorize several functions of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection as essential—it could serve as a pivotal moment to devise a nonpartisan solution.

Gonzales stressed the importance of a balanced approach by stating he is not advocating for extreme measures on either side. He is talking about reaching a consensus that everyone can agree upon. This could be a mutually beneficial outcome for America. Gonzales states that the right package needs to be developed with some sensible things.

Screenshot: X: Elon Musk