Trump’s Warning Ignored? The Alarming Connection Between Iran’s $6 Billion and Hamas Attacks

Former U.S. President Donald Trump had previously cautioned about potential terrorist activities in the Middle East after the current President, Joe Biden, unfroze $6 billion in oil revenues for Iran. This warning resurfaced on the internet after Hamas unexpectedly attacked Israel, involving rocket launches and assaults on both Israeli military forces and civilians.

Hamas, a known Islamic extremist group, receives some of its funding from Iran. The attack took place during the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah and on Shabbat, a day of rest for many Jewish individuals.

A month prior, Trump had speculated that the funds Biden allocated to Iran might be used to sponsor terrorist activities in the Middle East, including potential kidnappings. This sentiment was echoed by conservative Jack Posobiec, who highlighted Trump’s prediction in light of the recent events in Israel.

In exchange for the $6 billion, Iran released five American prisoners who had been in captivity for an extended period. Trump had criticized this move on September 11, expressing disbelief at Biden’s decision to provide such a significant amount to Iran, a nation he labeled as a “terrorist regime.” Trump emphasized the potential misuse of these funds for terrorism not just in the Middle East but globally. He also mentioned his own track record of securing the release of Americans from hostile nations without any financial transactions.

Posobiec’s post highlighting Trump’s prediction garnered over a million views. Other internet users also referenced Trump’s stance on the Middle East, particularly his Abraham Accords. Radio host Mark Levin pointed out Trump’s efforts in establishing peace in the region, contrasting it with Biden’s decisions, which, according to Levin, reversed many of Trump’s initiatives.

Mike Cernovich, another commentator, mentioned the respect Trump has for Israel, suggesting that the recent attacks wouldn’t have occurred under Trump’s administration. He emphasized Trump’s approach of targeted actions against Hamas terrorists, contrasting it with the alleged domestic surveillance under the Biden administration.

In a recent statement, Trump labeled the Hamas attack on Israel as “disgraceful,” affirming Israel’s right to robust self-defense. He expressed concern that U.S. taxpayer money might have indirectly funded these attacks, hinting at the Biden administration’s involvement. Trump lamented the erosion of peace in the Middle East, which he attributed to Joe Biden.

On the platform TruthSocial, Trump further criticized Biden’s leadership, attributing the recent attack on Israel to Biden’s perceived weaknesses and incompetencies. He contrasted the current situation with the peace established during the signing of the Abraham Accords just four years prior. Trump stated, “Just four years ago, we had -the signing of the historic Abraham Accords, and today we have an attack on Israel. What a difference a President makes!”

In related news, the death toll and number of injuries have risen following the unprecedented attack on Israel by Palestinian terrorists. After terrorists crossed into Israeli territory, attacking homes and civilians, and Hamas launched thousands of rockets into Israel, an unprecedented, unprovoked surprise attack, Israel has declared war.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced, “We are at war,” and promised that the enemy would pay an unprecedented price after convening an emergency meeting of security officials, while Defense Minister Yoav Gallant approved the mobilization of reservists.