New Poll Unveils What Americans REALLY Think About Joe Biden: It Isn’t Good

Recent investigations into Hunter Biden and an ongoing impeachment inquiry have put President Joe Biden’s ethics under scrutiny. A recent AP poll indicates that 35% of Americans suspect the president of illegal activities. Another 33% feel he acted unethically, albeit within the bounds of the law, while 30% believe he’s innocent.

This AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll highlights both political polarization and growing doubts about the integrity of government officials.

House Republicans are probing Biden’s connections to his son Hunter’s foreign transactions. Simultaneously, Hunter faces legal challenges, notably a failed plea deal related to tax and firearms issues.

Republicans have scrutinized the Bidens for years, especially during Joe Biden’s vice presidency. While the Biden family’s global dealings have raised eyebrows, Republicans lack concrete evidence of Joe Biden compromising his office for personal gain.

The poll underscores America’s political scene’s deep-seated skepticism. Party allegiance seems as influential as factual information in shaping perceptions. A significant proportion of Republicans suspect the president’s involvement in his son’s alleged crimes. In contrast, only a small fraction of Democrats and a modest percentage of independents agree. Most Democrats, however, believe Biden is innocent.

Feedback from those polled uncovers growing disenchantment with the nation’s leadership. Some feel that politicians prioritize personal gain over the nation’s welfare. This sentiment contrasts with Biden’s optimistic narrative emphasizing government-driven development, particularly in infrastructure and green energy.

In response to the mounting criticisms, Joe Biden has expressed support for his son, who recently became more vocal against his detractors. Meanwhile, the president has remained relatively silent, probably to avoid perceptions of interference with ongoing investigations.

The unfolding events have only solidified some Americans’ belief in the inherent deceptiveness of politicians. Donald Trump and his Republican affiliates argue that the Biden family is being favored by the judiciary, claiming bias against Trump’s potential future presidency. Some citizens see Biden’s actions as a father’s natural instinct to protect his son, deeming the investigations as overreaching.

David Parrott, a retiree from Tennessee, sees the ordeal as a wasteful distraction. “A father will always stand by his son,” Parrott observed. Yet, he doesn’t view Biden as more moral than Trump. To Parrott, the driving force in politics is money.

Public sentiment on the impeachment proceedings is divided, with a slightly higher percentage opposing the inquiry. Interestingly, a 2019 AP-NORC poll revealed that a majority found it inappropriate for Hunter Biden to be affiliated with a Ukrainian energy firm while his father was vice president.

When it comes to party trustworthiness on ethics, Democrats have a slight advantage. Still, a significant number don’t trust either party, and a fraction trust both equally.

The impeachment scrutiny doesn’t seem drastically affected by Biden’s overall job approval. However, public concerns about his age and potential cognitive decline have surfaced. Despite these concerns, some still prefer Biden over other potential candidates.

While his handling of the pandemic has received positive feedback, Biden’s economy and federal budget management have been criticized. His promise to alleviate student debt fell short, leading to mixed reactions.

Nonetheless, most Americans believe Biden is unethical, leaving the door open for a Republican to win the 2024 presidential election.
This poll, conducted from October 5-9, 2023, has a margin of error of approximately 3.9%