Florida Governor Drops Truth Bomb! Here’s What He Said About Political Correctness

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis issued a cautionary message over the weekend, highlighting the pressing need for the United States to confront its political correctness dilemma. He believes the woke mindset will be the death of the country. He stressed that failing to do so could potentially have grave consequences for the nation because there is a growing movement to welcome individuals whose principles and beliefs contrast sharply with the country’s.

These remarks were delivered during his speech at the Republican Jewish Coalition Leadership Summit in Las Vegas, Nevada, which primarily revolved around the topic of Israel. Governor DeSantis underlined the deeply personal significance of his support for Israel and the Jewish community. He pointed to his track record of aiding Jewish communities in Florida, combating anti-Semitism on college campuses, participating in the evacuation efforts following the attacks on October 7, and providing substantial aid to Israel.

Additionally, Governor DeSantis unveiled plans to convene a special legislative session within the next few weeks with the aim of expanding state-based sanctions against the Iranian regime. He stressed the necessity of this action, citing the diversion of funds to Iran for supporting terrorism in the Middle East.

DeSantis said that the money that’s going into Iran is not being used to make the lives of their people better. DeSantis continued, “They’re using it to fund terrorism throughout the Middle East. So we’re standing up, and we’re doing what’s right. And again, this is about leading not with mere words but deeds. And we’ve done that time and time again.”

Governor DeSantis also drew attention to the security breach that contributed to the attack on Israel, using it as a stark example of the imperative need for the United States to fortify its border with Mexico.

In addressing the acceptance of refugees from the Gaza Strip, Governor DeSantis believes the United States cannot accept refugees from the Gaza Strip. He has urged a clear-eyed examination of the matter. He cautioned against the dangers of political correctness, asserting that it could jeopardize the nation. He argued that admitting a substantial number of individuals with disparate ideologies and beliefs, as advocated by some politicians, could introduce toxic ideologies and conflicts akin to those witnessed in the Gaza Strip. He added that it’s not in the best interest of the American people to allow people with such mixed ideologies into the U.S., adding that “we can’t be importing problems from other parts.”

Concluding his remarks, Governor DeSantis called for a more judicious approach to immigration, emphasizing the importance of avoiding the importation of issues and ideologies that do not align with core American values. He further urged the United States to take a stronger stance in support of Israel in light of recent developments.