Congresswoman Drops Bombshell Legal Complaint Against Trump Trial Judge!

Rep. Elise Stefanik has formally registered a complaint against Judge Arthur Engoron, the presiding judge in the fraud case against former President Donald Trump in New York City. Stefanik asserts that Engoron is unfit to ensure a fair trial for Trump, citing concerns about his perceived bias and inappropriate conduct.

Stefanik took to X to share her dissatisfaction, stating that she submitted an official judicial complaint against Judge Arthur Engoron for displaying improper bias and a lack of judicial decorum in the contentious lawsuit against President Donald J. Trump and the Trump Organization in New York. She also criticized what she sees as a broader issue, stating, “Americans are sick and tired of the blatant corruption by radical Leftist judges in NY.” She believes it is imperative that all New Yorkers raise their voices against this weaponized legal pursuit of President Trump.

Judge Engoron is presiding over Trump’s bench trial, which means he holds sole responsibility for determining the former president’s guilt or innocence, as well as any potential penalties. Recently, Judge Engoron denied a motion from the defense to dismiss the case entirely. Trump’s legal team argued that the lawyers from New York Attorney General Letitia James’ office failed to present a compelling case warranting punishment.

At the age of 77, Trump faces the possibility of dissolution of some of his businesses and a ban on the Trump Organization from conducting future business in New York. Judge Engoron expressed his desire to conclude the trial by Christmas, but there is no immediate indication of how Stefanik’s complaint will be addressed or when.

When questioned about whether Judge Engoron has exhibited anti-Trump bias, Commission Administrator Robert Tembeckjian emphasized the confidentiality of proceedings related to the Commission on Judicial Conduct, saying, “All matters before the Commission on Judicial Conduct are confidential according to law unless and until a judge is found to have committed ethical misconduct and a decision to that effect is issued.”

Stefanik, the fourth-ranking Republican in the House, not only expressed her dissatisfaction with Judge Engoron but also questioned the legitimacy of the entire trial. She recounted specific incidents, such as Engoron’s apparent enthusiasm for media attention at the start of the trial and his alleged disregard for an appellate ruling regarding the statute of limitations.

Stefanik claimed that Engoron prematurely issued a summary judgment against the defendant, Trump, even before the trial commenced, without the opportunity for witness testimonies, additional evidence, or cross-examination. She argued that this was done despite disputed material evidence and the absence of a clear victim of the alleged fraud, highlighting that Trump had repaid Wall Street banks promptly and in full, with interest, as initially agreed.

Furthermore, Stefanik pointed out previous derogatory comments made by Judge Engoron about the former president. She referenced a statement Engoron made to Trump’s attorney last year, characterizing Trump as “just a bad guy” and suggesting that New York Attorney General Letitia James should target him as the state’s chief law enforcement officer. Stefanik also cited records indicating that Engoron’s staff had a history of contributing to Democratic candidates.

Trump’s defense team is slated to present their case before Judge Engoron in the upcoming week.