High-roller Hollywood exec murdered in brutal home invasion

Los Angeles, California – Michael Latt, a prominent marketing consultant and social justice advocate with strong ties to Hollywood, was tragically killed on Monday when an unidentified woman entered his home and shot him in the head, according to law enforcement sources.

The incident unfolded on Monday evening when a shooting was reported at Michael Latt’s residence on Alandele Avenue. Latt, a well-known figure in the entertainment industry as the chief executive of Lead With Love, an entertainment marketing consulting firm he founded in 2019, emphasized elevating Black creatives and amplifying underrepresented voices in Hollywood. His tragic death has sent shockwaves through the industry and the social justice community.

Preliminary investigations suggest that Latt was shot by Michl, who unlawfully entered his home. Law enforcement sources confirmed that Latt did not know his assailant, and there was no indication that she had been granted access to his residence. Michl, described as a person living in her vehicle, was taken into custody by responding officers. The police also seized her vehicle as evidence.

Latt’s death has prompted an outpouring of grief and condolences from his colleagues, friends, and collaborators. Known for his dedication to serving others, Latt utilized storytelling and various creative mediums to advocate for enduring change. He played a pivotal role in marketing campaigns featuring notable celebrities such as Common and Ryan Coogler and led impactful initiatives like the “Honoring Black Women” campaign, which aimed to bring attention to the film “Till,” chronicling the story of Emmett Till and his mother’s pursuit of justice.

The Sundance Institute, where Latt previously worked before his tenure at Lead With Love, expressed profound sorrow in a statement on behalf of the Latt family. They described Latt as someone who dedicated his career to galvanizing communities with hope, love, and inspiration. His undeniable legacy and impact will continue to resonate through his family, friends, and colleagues.

As the investigation into Latt’s murder continues, the motive and circumstances surrounding the shooting remain unclear. Authorities consider it a random act of violence, leaving many stunned by the tragic loss of a passionate advocate for social justice.